Sunday, January 19, 2020

“The Beginning of this season is a bad luck for us” Steve Biko Coach


By Yankuba Jallow

The Assistant Head Caoch, Ahmed Musa of Steve Biko FC has described the start of this season’s campaign for his boys as a bad luck.

“Definitely, the beginning of this season is just bad luck that has been following us. Six games we could not win any and the boys are performing really well. We don’t know what it will be like after the break but we will try and fight back. GAF is not our problem, we need a win, we went all out, we fought, dominated the whole game and created a series of chances; the best chances of the game were created by us” Ahmed said.

“We know our situation, we know our current position in the table, before coming to the game we know that a win will help, we came all out looking for the win, we are not satisfied with the one point in today’s game” he said.

“We just drew 4 and lost 2, I’m sure with our performance on our next game we just need to push in, the three points will surely come” he said.

Steve since the start of this year’s campaign, has failed to register a win in 6 matches whereby, they drew 4 and loss 2.

10th place Steve Biko, will take on 6th place in the League Table Marimoo on January 7th 2018.

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