Monday, February 17, 2020

The Art Of Managing A Crisis


The change of government came along with a change of attitude towards government. The expectation of most is that a good government would always mediate to ensure that there is industrial and social peace.

In the past, few would engage in demonstrations or sit-down strike. Now sit-down strikes and demonstrations are becoming more frequent. Some claim that the frequency of these activities is a manifestation of the tendency of a weak government. However if the government takes strong measures it will be seen as a tyrannical government.

Hence the government should take the middle path to ensure that those who have grievances would have listening ears to receive and address them. It is therefore important to accept what could happen when freedom is enlarged or suppressed. Wherever freedom is enlarged people find solace in sticking together as a group to have their will satisfied.

When tyranny prevails people tend to hide their motives only to unleash them when tyranny is defeated. Committees or Commissions of Inquiry could deal with the outcome of such expression of dissatisfaction. The Barrow administration must show consistency in dealing with the reports of such committees or commissions in a manner that would be a basis of providing a solution and not fanning more conflict. It must be consistent in dealing with the recommendations in a chronological order. If action is taken on events that happen at a later date while delaying revelation on earlier recommendations motives could be imputed.

A transitional administration is precisely meant to build an open society where each Gambian could have a new start.

Foroyaa will continue to monitor events to determine where the country is heading.

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