Friday, April 3, 2020

Hoyantan Tames Gambien in Crowd-Puller Duel


By Sulayman Bah

Boy Gambien last weekend had a bad day in office after been left shocked following his defeat to Hoyantan of Club Ndongo Ceesay.

Staged at the Independence Stadium and witnessed by a rambunctious crowd – a turn out rivaled only by the numbers that flocked to the same venue in 2013 in the Tass-sayaram versus Hoyantan fight – the 30,000 capacity-seater Bakau multi-purpose venue was an arena of serene at the same time of epiphany.

Hoyantan was forced on a backward retreat and cornered to the edge of the sacks at whistle of start, but the ensuing moment left the attendants in sheer shock.

Gambien, who’d vowed to spank his opponent in seconds in the duo’s pre-fight face-to-face, charged on, sending packs of blows at his adversary.

The referee blew for a return to the arena’s centre but Hoyantan seemed not to have heard the whistle, and landed a slowly aimed but perfectly timed right-hander blow which caught Gambien unawares and left him in a heap.

Gambien had to be attended to by the medical team and did not retreat one bit at re-start of the fight.

He surged forward closing in on his opponent with a succession of blows which Hoyantan responded to with keen interest as they grappled.

The wait was over by this time after five minutes. Gambien didn’t cease in his tracks, firing body shots on Hoyantan’s abdomen.

By the sixth minute, Gambien had grown visibly exhausted as Hoyantan – being pounds heavier than his opponent – grabbed his retreating adversary firmly before sending him sprawling back first, in the sands amid cheers.

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