Sunday, January 19, 2020

‘Taf’ Africa Global Holds Press Conference


By Fatoumatta K Jallow 

‘Taf’ Africa Global on Wednesday 20th December 2017, held a press conference on the 3rd Annual Conference and Networking event, scheduled for the 27th and 28th of December 2017. The event will bring together different stakeholders groups including Government, Civil society and the Private Sector. The theme for this year event is “Challenges and Opportunities in the New Gambia: An Entrepreneur Perspective.

Mustapha Njie CEO of Tap Africa Global  (Gambia) said Tap Africa Global hosts and annual networking event in the Gambia as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy. “The first edition was launched 2 years ago (December 2015) in the Madiba Mall at the Taf offices in the Gambia.

He said last year’s event could not be done in December due to the political impasse in the Gambia. As a compromise for missing the December event, a smaller and more causal networking event was conducted at La Residence in March 2017.

CEO of Tap Africa Global said “the new Gambia presents a major opportunity for accelerated national development which should have entrepreneurship as an important cornerstone. It is against this backdrop that this networking event is being organized, to support the Gambia Government in its endeavors and to use this opportunity for Tap Africa Global to re-emerge as the leading real estate developer in the nation.

He said the main objective of the annual event is to create an environment where different industries and organizations like Real estate, finance, hospitality, government, youth groups, NGO’s, and community activities can come together to share information, and exchange ideas on how to move the country forward.

In this regard, dynamic leaders from diverse backgrounds will be invited to give motivational speeches on select topics/themes with the goal to inspire all attendees and provoke innovative thoughts and ideas.

He held that they will give a platform to the youth, physically disabled, and the forgotten/ disenfranchised members of our society to engage them by giving them a voice and a hand to play a role in the  New Gambia

In addition he said the event will be use to market the new projects Tap Africa Global launching over the next year’s and also to serve as a  soft launch of the Tap Africa Global foundation including its goals and objectives.

“The event will inspire the Gambian youths so that thy can be motivated to bring about change in the New Gambia, and be the leaders for the future. What will it take for the youth to be engaged and empowered to play their role in national development through entrepreneurship.

He highlighted the need for creating the enabling environment for effective youth participation in entrepreneurship because youths would like to play a key role in national development he concludes.

The targeted audience is about 700 to 1000 people whole over the world and the targeted audience for the first day are government officials, business leaders, Gambian’s from the diaspora, and other influential groups/members of the society from the Gambia and the sub-region . The second of the event will be dedicated to the youths.

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