Sunday, January 19, 2020

Taal Disclaims Article On Halifa


I Kemeseng Sanneh known as Kexx Sanneh had a conversation with Almami Taal, the Spokesperson of the United Democratic Party (UDP) at the Village restaurant about the article bearing his name about Halifa Sallah’s speech at the National Assembly. Our conversation took place in the presence of Fatu Camara, the proprietor of FatuNetwork on Friday, 3rd January 2020.

He said he was not the author of the article. He said the article wasn’t his and he apologised to Sallah for any inconvenience. He added that he has high respect for Sallah and he would not author such an article.

In his explanation, Taal said he received the article via WhatsApp and shared it in a particular WhatsApp group. He claims that the article was edited and his name was inserted as the author.

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