Monday, September 16, 2019

Sutukoba FC in Wuli East FA Final


By: Kebba AF Touray

Sutukoba United FC has booked their ticket in the ongoing Wuli East FA tourney’s final, after beating Murreh Kunda FC in the Semis.

The game was a tough and thrilling one, with teams eyeing the final and subsequently the trophy. The teams battled severely with each other but none could break the deadlock leaving the first half goalless.

Situation changed in the second-half with Sutukoba FC’s Alagie Koyo Jaiteh stabbing home the winning goal in the 76th minute.

The game tempo left the losing team, Murreh Kunda incurring four (4) yellow cards in their campaign to find an equalizer but Sutukoba withstood the pressure, holding onto their fragile lead to game’s end.

Passamas FC will lock horns with Briff at the Foday Kunda Football Field with the winner to face Sutukoba United FC in the finale of the 2017 Wuli East FA tourney.

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