Sunday, January 26, 2020

State House Reverses Decision on Media Coverage


A government that listens rarely errs. Foroyaa has reliably learnt that the State House has reversed its decision to subject journalists to screening before being admitted to do coverage of press conferences. Two Foroyaa reporters sent their applications to the State House to indicate their interest to do coverage as appointed by the paper. A response was received inviting them for screening before their application would be considered.

Foroyaa decided not to accept such conditionality since it amounts to presuming that one was guilty of being a threat before any evidence is available to warrant suspicion. It was therefore considered essential not to subject our journalists to such screening.

This was made public knowledge. The state house however was contacted again by the journalist to find out whether there has been any change of heart. Apparently, it was indicated that the journalist could now go to the state house to receive press pass on Thursday without undergoing background check. Foroyaa will keep the readers aware of development.

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