Friday, February 28, 2020

Smoldering Continues At Bakoteh Dumpsite


By Madiba Singhateh

Communities surrounding the Bakoteh / Manjai dumpsite, continue to complain of the continuous smouldering taking place at the dumpsite.

The smouldering is not only felt by the Bakoteh and Manjai communities, but residents as far as London Corner, Serekunda and Dippakunda, are complaining. During these days the smog can be felt particularly during the night, in these communities.

Speaking to Binta Kinteh who resides beside the dumpsite, she said they are really affected by the smouldering waste; that they can neither breathe nor see clearly because of the smog. Binta said the smog is too much for them to bear because it gets worse every now and then, affecting their respiration seriously. Mrs Kinteh pleaded to Government to look into this matter seriously. Lamin Kanyi another resident of Bakoteh said the site needs to be properly controlled; that if not, this re occurrence of the smog will continue at the site; that many people around the surrounding environment, are faced with this health issue. Mr. Kanyi said the smog affect the flow of traffic forcing drivers to switch on their lights during the day time, when passing Bakoteh, going towards Kololi or Kotu.. Visiting the Municipal Council’s offices for comments, it was noted that the CEO was not in, and his assistant was on leave.

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