Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Six Gambians To Act In Nollywood If Flight Tickets Received


                                    With MUHAMMED S. BAH

Welcome to another Edition of Arts and Music, the Column that seeks to promote Arts, Music and Culture in the Gambia. In our today’s edition, we feature a donation made by an Artist and his Foundation, and the possible chance of six Gambians to act in Nollywood.

By Momodou Jarju

In another development, Six Gambian actors will get the chance to act in Africa’s biggest movie industry called Nollywood in Nigeria, if they get flight tickets on time.    

The actors have close to two weeks before the date of the flight, scheduled for March 27th 2019.

Musa Darboe said he has chosen the five other actors to take along including himself. The other five actors are Sheikh Tijan Sonko, commonly known as Uncle Tijan, the oldest actor in the country’s movie industry, Papis Kebba Jobarteh, Ebrima Sallah, Awa Jallow and Gibril Jallow.

Darboe said he is trying his best to get people and institutions to support them financially, but efforts are yet to prove worthwhile. “I wrote letters to institutions including the Tourism Minister, to no avail and the clock is still ticking,” he said.

Musa Darboe, a rising movie-star in an exclusive interview recently, revealed his joint movie production with Nollywood’s star-actor, Paul Adams Junior, in Nigeria, titled ‘Abuja Hustlers’.

Paul Adams Jnr

Paul Adams is a Nigerian actor and filmmaker, and was a former TV presenter at Independent television/radio. One of the recent movies he produced is ‘Mommy’s Boy’.

Explaining the circumstances of their collaboration, Darboe said: “He (Paul Adams) wanted to cast me in one of his movies. So, I accepted and had a movie with him.”

At first Mr. Adams told Darboe that it would not be feasible but few weeks later, he agreed to work with him. Darboe said he needs to pay five hundred thousand-naira N500, 000, about sixty-eighty thousand Gambian dalasi, for the trip; that the money for the project would not be a problem but the flight tickets for the five actors, is a major concern.

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