Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Silence And A Potential Explosion


The reaction of the residence of the Gunjur when high security and law enforcement officers visited the village when a resident of Gunjur was shot by a resident of Berending, confirms that the state should not remain silent on the conflict between residents of the villages.

Human right is more important than land. The land dispute appears to be the source of the conflict between residents of the two villages.

In a country where there is rule of law the rule of might has no place. When the law or its enforcement is deficient, taking might as the law becomes inevitable. The demand and challenge of our time is for the state to maintain the rule of law and a culture of justice. These are not mere stories. They should be put to action to ensure peaceful co-existence of villages in particular and citizens at large.

Foroyaa is finding out from the state whether it has found a way of diffusing what is potentially an explosive situation.

Foroyaa will keep the public informed. The authorities should save the situation by being pro-active rather than being reactive.

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