Monday, January 27, 2020

Should Demonstration Be Held For Its Sake?



Rights have knowledge base and practical component. It is one thing to know and another thing to practise what is known. Section 25 of the Constitution is designed to teach the Gambian people what constitutes their rights. Hence every Gambian should know that they have a right to freedom speech, expression, association and even to demonstrate.

However, each Gambian should determine for oneself when it is right to exercise a right. A right that is exercised just to prove that one could do so is as good as crying just to ease emotions.

On the other hand, if one exercises a right to attain an objective that is tangible and rewarding one could say the exercise is a fruitful one. Gambians have to develop the maturity to know that they are exercising a right just to let out steam or doing so to obtain a concrete objective.

We therefore hope that in dealing with national issues one would not just simply do things to let out steam but to attain concrete national objective that would move the country forward. Hence every citizen should ask the question, to what end should one exercise one’s right. Should it be to exercise it just to prove that one is capable of doing so or to achieve results that would make the country better?

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