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SeyiiTolof – Tolof – Part 72 EPISODE 5 (Difficult Marriages) In-Law Interference from another Angle


Amie Sillah

She is now a big girl openly flouting and flirting with big shots neglecting her marital duties and caricaturing her husband accusing him of also flirting with rich babes.Jewru pressed her to open up to him but to no avail. Jewo appears to be enjoying her new ‘big girl’ status being encouraged by mama, her sister and her friend.

He confided in his best pal Bangs.
“I don’t know what’s wrong with my wife she suddenly transforms into something else; I don’t care attitude, she comes home late and ignores her marital duties; what should I do now? I love my wife.”

“Did you involve your mother-in-law?”

“She said her mother is in support of her action.”

That is her version do your own investigation by involving mama for tomorrow’s sake.”

Ya Sigi
She pretended innocence and promised to intervene for the better.
“I’ll talk to her, it is okay.” Then she said;
“Empty bag cannot stand.” Jewru changed countenance and she laughed over it.
Jewru gave her six metres wax material which she examined and thanked him, he then left.

Violence at Home
She flouts her husband and maltreats her house help Satang and this enrages Jewru who challenges her.

“I can tolerate the nonsense on me but not on our faithful house help who is always at our bet and call if you maltreat her you’ll have me to contend with.” He posited.
She hurled insults at him and accused him of sleeping with Satang.
“I knew it this has been going behind my back for long but I was too naïve to have suspected you.” She tried to slap Jewru that was the straw that breaks the camel’s back. He twisted her arm and she fell down; Jewru went out to his friend’s house to cool down his temper as he regretted his action.

   “Never hit a woman no matter the circumstances and temptation. Before any heat up just leave and come another appropriate time.”
“You are very right thank you for the good advice.” Jewru agreed.

She rushed to her mama and reported her husband with exaggeration.
“He is flirting with Satang my house help and this has been going on for a long time, I am fed up with this marriage, I am calling it quit.”

“Don’t be too fast for now; just take it easy you are a beautiful woman continue your business, have fun and support your business; we’ll also devise means to ensure that useless man never lay his dirty hands on you again.”

“You better do before he kills your elder daughter jewel of the family.”

“Allah forbid! Suuhur our white cat will come and stay with you a no non-sense girl she can handle Jewru and cut him to size.”
The sisters concurred;
“That’s a good idea mom! Take five!” They saluted her.

At Jewru’s House
Suuhur came with an attitude of a fighter who has come to right supposed wrongs meted out at her sister. She turned her face and hissed when she meets Jewru who will greet her for courtesy but she will answer through her nose. But he rose above pettiness and ignores her.

Unbearable Attitude
Suuhur’s attitude worsens, she does not partake in any household chores instead she bosses it over Jalika and Satang whom she is very rude in addressing.
Satang endures as she hates to ignite any trouble now that she is being falsely accused in scapegoatism.

She left the room sat at the verandah manicuring and pedicuring her fingers and toes.
Jewo criticized her as she goes out to work.
“Your bed is unkempt, laundry clothes scattered about and you are busy her mani- pedicuring fingers and toes? What sort of human being are you? Are you not thinking of being a mother and wife someday? Gosh! Will you leave all chores to house help? You are disgusting!” Jewo snapped.
She laughed defensively.
“What are house helps meant for, are they not being paid? You pamper Satang too much no wonder you are accusing her of flirting with your husband. I want to look beautiful that’s all.”
Jewo shook her head and called the security to open the gate.

He entered Suuhur’s room and found everything in a mess and he hissed. He went to the kitchen and found everything upside down.
He went out and found her at the veranda doing her cosmetics and he confronted her.
“What sort of woman are you? You are a hell!” He shouted but Suuh hissed turned her eyes and went to her room.
“We will see about it stupid girl! I’ll deal with you, in my house, no way?” He snapped.

She came out with dirty undies and threw it at Satang.
“Why did you leave my things at the room? Are you a goat?”

“These are your undies for God’s sake! How can I wash them for you?”

“Shut up! How dare you question my actions? Are you not a house help you poor wretched thing?” She pushed her forehead and left with a hiss.

He heard the exchanges and came out.
“What is happening Sat?”
She showed her the undies.
“Suuh brought them out from her room and scolded me for not taking them out for laundry.”
“What! Is she mad? What commanding right does she have in my house a useless squatter? This nonsense has to stop and now! This useless brat has taken too much to swallow and I have tolerated her far too long.”
He shouted her name and confronted her.
“Who are you a hopeless squatter giving out commands at my house? You have to leave and now!”

She sulked back.
“Leave where? Says who? Are you a man? My sister is shouldering all responsibilities in this house and I am not moving an inch, let us see what you can do now!” She hissed.

   He went into her room and took outher luggage and threw them out insulting and cursing.
Jewo took them into the house also insulting, cursing and calling names.
Fighting ensued. He fell her to the ground hitting her.
Suuh heard the scuffle came out and went back into the house and rushed out with a pestle, on impulse she hit it hard on Jewru’s head and he fell and fainted, Jewo got up and went into her house ignoring Jewru on the floor.
Musa the security screamed and got a cab which took him to the clinic.

Aja Ndungu
She was summoned from the village and she came straight to the clinic quite worried and she found Bangs at the ward besides his friend who has just come out from coma.

To be Cont.

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