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SeyiiTolof – Part 66 EPISODE 4 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah

The Girls
They are traumatized in being separated from their mom.

Alone outside, she reflected on the golden old days especially their school song where the family dance around the centre table and sang about the beauty of going to school and learning to become productive adults in the future.

She searched for her but could not see Kumuna when she saw Jomfolo in their room.
   “Where is your fiery –tongue sister sisy for all?
“I didn’t see her.” Jomfolo continued reading her book.
Grandma went to the garden and saw her alone and reflecting she also reflected upon Yaa Lisong’s advice and changed tactic in approach to win her over.
“You’ll go back to the city and continue school with your sister next session but I want you to learn about your dad’s roots now that he is gone forever. Will you do that for him and me? Now tell me and we can go to the nearest town mini market and buy all your needs I want my grandchildren to be happy now that my only son is gone forever.” She shed emotional tears and temporarily got Kumuna along but she was not totally convinced.

At the City
Mantome nursed baby Sorgi singing him lullaby to sleep.

   She paid her friend a visit since she returned from the funeral and mourning.
She lamented and complained to her.
“My mother-in-law seized my children and insisted that they school at the village and we all know that schools over there are inferior to the ones in the city; why has mama decided to torment me after Gaa’s demise? I cannot get where this hostility is coming from?”

“Take it easy upon yourself my dear sister and best pal; mama is a retired head mistress and she can handle her grandchildren well after all that is their dad’s origin; take it easy with her is my candid advice.”
“You are just placating me but you know that schools over there are inferior.” Ti posited.

“Good news sis!”
“Spill it out I am all ears.”
She caressed her belly and smiled.
“I am 6 weeks!” Ti shouted with excitement.
“Your first baby? It is all excited experience! Congrats my darling sis!” She whirled and they danced around.
“I am so happy for you and Saul.”

As she was lullabying him to sleep he couldn’t as his temperature ran very high she rushed to Ti.
“Check on baby Sor he ran a very high temperature. “
“You are right, bring the car keys and we rush to clinic.”

Dr. Bangura
She is a paediatrician she examined the baby and requested for him to be admitted to ran more tests on him.
“Madam Ceesay your baby has high temperature and it is not save to take him home let him be admitted for more tests to ascertain his type of ailment.” Ti agreed and stayed overnight as she allowed Mantome to return home and prepared them food.

At the Bank
She visited the bank to get money for the treatment and got the shock of her life.

She could not withdraw anything she went to the General Managerto complain.
“My son is very sick I needed money to pay the bills but could not can you explain?”
“Your husband came with an elderly woman before he dies and changed all the documents in her name as his next of kin.”
“That is not possible, it is a joint account and I am the sole signatory now that he is dead. Can I see the documents?”
He shown her and she almost fainted when she saw mama’s pictures all over the documents.

She slumped into a nearby sofa and cried hysterically.
“Gaa the devil of love! What have I done by whole heartedly loving you?
The manager came and consoled her.

Saul and Sohu
“Gaa is a devil in love, callous and wicked! He changed their joint account into mama’s name unbeknown to his wife before his death; didn’t I tell you Gaa and his mother has a funny relationship?” Sohu posited.
“Some men have dead conscience this is outrageous!” Saul concurred.
Rone brought them fresh juice and fruit salad.
“This is abnormal and improper!” Saul concurred.

At the Hospital
Sohu went to a specialized clinic which takes great care of her pregnancy. Her gynaecologist/obstetrician Dr. Sabally is very caring to her patients who love and cherish her.
“You were under observation for the past three months and your pregnancy is now stable. You can now stop your hard drugs and I’ll sent you to another specialist Dr. Nying who will enroll you with the comprehensive services, ‘Anti Natal’ and ‘Post Natal Care’ at 38 weeks you’ll deliver through Caesarian Section no breast feeding with 10 – 20% risk as some specialists would advice you’ll also be empowered with more information to choose how to feed your baby.”

“I always feel more empowered about HIV when I visit the clinic, information is power thank you very much.

At the Village
The kids have easily adjusted as they play ‘akara’ Aunty Mam Ndaxte arrived and they rushed to greet her.

Aunty Mam Ndaxte
Is anybody at home?” She asked the kids.
“Yes! The funeral rites are over, have you forgotten anything Ndaxte? Your car is cozy.” Grandma teased.

Mam Ndaxte
“My sister’s children are not going to school and I’ve come to take them.”
“Their village age mates are also not going to school, what is wrong with that they are learning gardening/farm work and other informal education to learn about their father’s roots?” Grandma posited.
“They are to take their exams and you know it Sarah if not they are going to repeat next year, I am surprised you think like that a retired headmistress for that matter.” Mabel mocked.
“They will read better there is nothing wrong with repetition.”
“A retired head mistress and you don’t know the value of education.”
She dragged the kids and wanted to get them into her transport but grandma stood at the door.
“Get them now and let me see the strength of the tigress; I am a lioness with your anti dote.” Grandma bluffed.
“I’ll be back we shall see who laugh last and the loudest.” Mam Ndaxte fought back.
“Get out of my compound before I pounce at you and destroy your car! Useless woman do you think you can come to my village, my compound to intimidate me? Nonsense!” She jeered and hauled further insults at her.

The Kids
Grandmavented her anger at them.
“Kneel down and monkey dance for 10 mins.” She ordered them, they did crying for help.
“Your tigress of an aunt came and you rushed to her, what can she do to help you, nothing?” She mocked at them.

To be Cont.

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