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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 616 EPISODE 39 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Nyari Domm Mi Ndeye’ Two Brothers)


Mba Fatou
She cannot  believe the affluence of Omar Nyaling his skin tone is shining and he is driving the most expensive car in town about a million bucks she has to go to him to report about the pregnancy for his brother Alieu her fiancée.

He rang Omar and asked after his fiancée Mba Fatou,
“Have you seen Mba have you spoken to her? Give me her number I want to speak to her?” He made some excuses and rang off.
“I cannot understand this man is everything alright with my people?”  He is very worried.

She went to see Omar she met him at the junction in his posh car;
“I wanted to see you all the time I wanted to speak to you on something very important.”

He became impatient;
“Can we see another time I am very busy as you see me.”

“It is very urgent it is difficult to see you not to talk about having an appointment.”

“What is it? Talk fast I want to leave.”

“Can I have Alieu’ number it is very urgent.”

“Oya! I don’t have it here but I’ll come to your home and give you.”

“Do you know my home?”

“Are you not Alieu’ fiancée? I’ ll come there tomorrow. Is that all?”

“No! I am pregnant for Alieu I want to tell him myself.”

He pretended to be excited he held Mba and whirled her around;
I’ll surely tell him and will give you his number tomorrow when I come to your home.”
He opened his wallet and gave her lot of notes Mba was excited she was ready for the morrow to get his address.

The Dreamt
It changed his mind he dreamt his brother Alieu coming from abroad and throwing money to everybody he was amazed as he looked on both he and Jonsaba  on scrambling for the notes thrown on the ground.

Omar Nyaling (Adedemos)
“So that is in the mind of my small brother? Small, small child of yesterday he want me to stand by him while he threw money at me just as in dream? I will be dammed to allow that. It is my money through him I made all the sacrifices the money is passing through him that’ all.” He set his mind to loot it.
He woke up;
“This is not a dream it is a revelation I know what to do. I don’t trust that boy. Alieu still trust him I’ll make the Shrine to make him trust me all the more.”

To the Family Shrine
“Everything is going fine as you have said also make him trust me all the more whatever he has should come to me and I’ll spend it as I like, also make him forget everybody all his mind should be on me let him forget his mother, sister and fiancée.”

The Shrine
“That’s not a problem but it will need more human sacrifice this time around a virgin girl.”

“That’s no problem it is done.”

The Shrine
He took out a bottle and asked Adedemos to put him into it as a puppet;
“He’ll forever be under your control as long as the bottle is under cover you’ll not meet him until death and the bottle will be thrown into the sea, the bottle will be eaten by a big fish men will eat the fish and that will be end of it. You’ll be forever rich until you died.” Then he disappeared.

Omar (Adedemos)
He build mansions his friend called him;
“You have to pretend that you are going to Dubai and also you are going to visit your brother Alieu until things die down if not people will talk about your wealth and inability to have a wife who will conceive for you.” Said Bunji.

Omar (Adedemos)
“You are right that is a perfect cover up. I’ll build a perfect company in the whole of Africa.” He boasted.

He believed in him more than himself everything is working perfectly as the Shrine has predicted.
“I’ll send you more money next week.”

Omar (Adedemos)
He mocked at him just as he was talking with his best friend,
“You are right just send everything our family will be the envy of people.” He laughed at his brother.

To the Family
“I am traveling to many places abroad I’ll be going to Alieu and will clear all your doubts about him I myself I am very surprise that he does write to you; my friend Bunji is joining me in this venture we want to expand our clutches to other parts of the world I am just like a money making machine.”

Maama and Jonsaba
“We are just grateful to God for blessing us but brother Alieu we just miss him.”
He refused to answer and ignore their enquiry.
To Be Cont.  

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