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Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 613 EPISODE 39 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Nyari Domm Mi Ndeye’ ‘Two brothers’)


Omar Nyaling
He came and throw away Alieu Business Stance;
“It is now my reign Alieu has gone and his reign went along with him.”

Mba Nyaling sent her daughter to join his brother Omar to help him with the business.
“You’ll save him from hiring many maids one will do she will help him in the cooking and cleaning you can take it by turn.”  She agreed.

Omar Nyaling
He sent his sister to her room.
“This is your room you’ll be staying here for now.”

The helper Yvonne
He local name is Abiodu she used waist power to hook indiscipline men Alieu is serious he is not her type she tried everything but she cannot hook him she back bite Alieu;
“Is he a man or a hermit?” Alieu heard her but ignored the gossip but Omar could not he was hook.

Abiodu was dancing and shaking her waist Omar could not resist her he beat her waist and Abiodu jumped;
“Master! What are you doing?” And she loved and laughed over it.
He took out a bunch of money a work of many days he started throwing it over Abiodu she enjoyed it;
“Master! What are you doing?” Alieu threw all the money and started to tease Abiodu.

“He is a ‘Magger’ I’ll ‘eat’ him to death he does not know how to spend his money what I was praying for Alieu to do he is doing it my stars are shining.”

At the Kitchen
Jonsaba has taken over, Abiodu was not doing anything again her cooking service became very poor customers started to complain and became unsatisfied.

She made damage management;
“I am very sorry I’ll serve you well.” She came and served them.

“Serve me hot pepper soup with lots of vegetables.”

She eye picked her but Omar scolded her;

“She is right serve her very hot pepper soup with lots of vegetables she is now my baby you are my blood sister who has come to help me.”

“She does not love you it is your money she loves she will ruin your business.”

He chided her;
“You talk too much go away and serve her what she asked.”

She cursed her;
“I am doing it because of Maama I told her I am coming to help you she is very useless.”
Omar throw a stone at her and she dodges it.

He overslept he partied all night with Abiodu Jonsaba woke him up;
“Wake up I want to talk to you.”
“What is it again?”

“It is about the shop the stuff is running down and there is no money to replenish the stuff.”

“Go away are you the monitorer? Have Maama sent you to monitor me?”

“I don’t know about it but this woman is using you as a ‘magga’ you’ll be ruined.”
He drove her away.

At Night
Omar came with Abiodu Jonsaba was sleeping at her bed she was awoken up:
“Get up! We want to sleep at your bed.”
She was forced to sleep on the settee while the duo slept on the bed Jonsaba was inconvenient.

She displayed the chairs and tables waiting for customers none was forth coming;

“What’s’ wrong with my customers they used to fill the place why are they not coming again? Are you driving them?”

“Here yourself are you fair to me? You know why aren’t coming sooner or later you’ll soon close up the business.”

“Evil tongued woman! Back to sender!” He threw a stone at her she dogged it.

“Blame your indiscipline and your girl.”

She came running and wailing:

He is confused;
“What is it? Why are you crying?”

“My mother is admitted the doctor said I should deposit D50, 000 before any operation is commerce what should I do now? I have only D20, 000 which I was given to keep.”

“Go to the safe pull everything out for my baby her mother is sick and nothing should happen to her.” Jonsaba hissed and went away.
“It is only D48, 000 I can get.”
Omar took it from her gave it to Abiodu and she went away.

She went to his boyfriend and show him the loot;
“That is the loot the ’Magga’ has bled let us party.” She shared it and ensured her boyfriend did not take it all.

Her boyfriend’ nickname is ‘lion’;
“It was my idea I am a pimp we will bleed him white wait and see.”

“I am still serving you the money has to be divided into two that’ fairer.”

She quarreled with Omar;
“We need money but you went and gave everything to Abiodu. You are just a big fool unlike Alieu that’s why you cannot make it.”
To be cont.

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