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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 611 EPISODE 39 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Nyari Domm Mi Ndeye’ Two Brothers)


Their mother Mba Nyaling is a widow she has three children the eldest Omar Nyaling the younger boy Alieu Nyaling and the girl Jonsaba Nyaling their youngest sister; their father died in poverty trying to make ends meet. Mba Nyaling was left all alone selling millet pap ‘ruing’ ‘mono’ for breakfast; all the neigbourhood people buys ‘mono’ from Mba Nyaling for breakfast even the well to do neighbours buy it for breakfast adding other essential like milk, cream to it to make it richer. The hard working widow looks after her three children from such a trade.
The eldest son Omar Nyaling now a graduate for three years runs an ‘Ocada’ ‘Honda’ at their town in the Provinces for survival but it no longer works people prefer to walk due to poverty than take Honda to do business only the well to do takes Honda. Omar complains of slow business.
Alieu Nyaling is a genius anything he puts his hands on prosper he does food business at a bigger town and it works he also helps his mother’ ‘mono’ business and it works.
Their youngest sister Jonsaba Nyaling has finished Grade 12 but is unemployed and no husband but she helps her mother’ ‘mono’ business in the large village cum town.
Alieu Nyaling’ rich friend Sandigi came to town; took him off his food business and took him abroad to make more money, he left his fiancé Mba Fatou whom he intended to marry when he comes back or better still marry her take her abroad and comes back with her to build both families.
When he went abroad what happens? It’s a good story had it got happy ending? An interesting reading!
That is the synopsis of the New story ‘Nyari Domm Mi Ndeye’ The two Brothers!
At the Seep In
Aunty Kutu’
Aunty Kutu sells in a Seep at town she is notorious with the boys anyone who comes in town visits Aunty Kutu’ she sells liquor of all types including local liquors as well as imported drinks she has men and women’ friends in government and in private she engages in corruption and is an untouchable, rumours has it that she is a government as well as private interest spy she is feared and keep in great awe.
Omar Nyaling comes to the Seep In very often to buy local liquor when he is broke and imported when he has something in his pocket. Today he has something in his pocket he buys a bottle of imported liquor.
The rick friend of Alieu Nyaling came to town to see Alieu Nyaling, he first went to Aunty Kutu’ Seep In and patronized all the attendancees;
After greetings everybody; they were in great awe they greeted and praised him;
“Give them each a bottle of gin and goat pepper soup the bill is on me I’ll pay for it.”
Aunty Guru
She gave all of them but when she came to Omar she asked again;
“Is Omar included?”
“Of course, why are you segregating Omar is he not part of this village?” Then he left.
Aunty Guru
She could not answer she has to give Omar who was seething with anger.
“What have I done to you Maama Guru? Is it because of poverty? I know Sandigi Dollar he is my brother’ best friend he cannot buy anything from you if I am not given? You are very wicked.”
Maama Guru
“You owed me you have to pay me before I give you anything? Sandigi Dollar have paid for everything if not your own would have been forfeited.”
They argued until they would have gone to blows if not for the intervention of another famous client Martins he asked Maama Guru;
“What has Omar owed you?”
Maama Guru
“Are you going to pay it?”
“Would he have volunteered if he was not going to pay for it?”
Maama Guru
“Am not talking to you I am talking to my rich customer you are a poor, wretched man you cannot pay for what you owed.”
He was seething with fury and is not happy that Martins is paying the miserly lady;
“He is a good man Martins I would not have paid you boggler!”
Maama Guru
“I would never give you my liquor be it local or imported do you know who I am?”
“You are a spy and a busybody many innocent people have gone to their early graves because of you.”
Maama Guru
Maama Guru is very angry rumours were going around but no person have ever point a finger directly at her;
“You are daring one to point a finger at me but I’ll deal with you with any means necessary.”
“You will not do any means necessary to me that I cannot be killed by hitter; many of your types have now being exposed your consciences are now dead but we shall rekindle them again.”
To be Cont.

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