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Seyii Tolof –Tolof Part 600 EPISODE 37 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Domm Ju Gorr’ The Value of the Male Child)



She want to get the truth from the horse’ mouth;
“Tell me it is not true.” She told Yaaga.

She hesitated because of share but finally confirmed it as she shook her head;
“It is true but let me explain.”

She shook as a leaf;
“Don’t explain anything what have you to explain that I picked you from the gutter out of compassion, brought you home as a blood sister, gave you all sort of privileges only for you to turn back as a serpent and struck me dead? How could you be this wicked? Where have I gone wrong in helping you? How could you bite the finger that feeds you?”

At that point she remembered what the Black Magician told her;
“If the good person is betrayed by you don’t let her cursed you if she does you are doomed forever.” Shamelessly she begged Taaru not to curse her;
“I am a beast but don’t curse me if you do I’ll be doomed for life.” She begged.

“You betrayed me once but not anymore; Yaaga I cursed everything about you, you’ll never make it in life I helped you with a pure heart and you betrayed me make me a laughing stock in the midst of my peers, I picked you from the gutter and the gutter you shall fall back, God hear the cry of an innocent soul. I don’t want to see your bad lucked face never again. Get out of our lives! Get out!” She banged he door and went back to her house and shut the door behind her.
Before she came out the maidens ran away.

“How can some human beings be this wicked? Where have I gone wrong in helping this useless girl?” She wept bitterly her whole world crumbling.

She confronted Jambarr and his parents;
“Jambi! What have I done to you? How about our promises? I know your dad’ intentions all the while he did not hide it from me as a patriarch; as for Maama she has no choice she did not have a voice in this but my surprise is you my husband;  what have I done to you what has she given you to stoop this low? Has she cast a spell upon you?”

“I am very sorry.”

Maama Linguerre
‘Take it easy Taaru just take it easy.”

“I brought her in I have to take her out.”

Paapa Gelawarr
She is carrying my grandson heir to the Ancient Ancestral  Stool you are his first wife but without an heir she is with the heir and has to be protected until she put to bed
and stays as long as the child needs her period; that is my verdict Jambarr is helpless he can do nothing here Tradition and Custom speaks you can call it backward, patriarchal that does not change anything this is African tradition and you are Africans and not Americans; I have compromised with you and allowed you bring in your prayer groups for many years but it yielded nothing now my prayers are being answered in this girl and you say she’ll not be but she will be, look at it positively it is a win-win it does not affect your position as the first wife, as soon as she puts to bed and our son is off exclusive breast feeding she leaves if you want but before then she stays for the sake of the baby I have spoken.”

She felt betrayed and wept bitterly Maama Linguerre was in solidarity as she retired to her Chambers’

Maama Linguerre
“I should not be disturbed by anyone, anyone even Paapa Gelawarr,

She stared at her husband’ eyes but he avoided her gaze she walked past Jambarr and went to her room as she put it under lock and key.

He was shattered as he went in search of Taaru he unlock her door and entered  her chamber as Taaru wept bitterly as she felt abandoned and betrayed.
“I did not want to do it my dad forced me into it.”

“It is a lie did your dad forced you sleep with her? You wanted a son so you slept with her but I know the pressure was very hard on you but why Yaaga of all people the girl I picked from the gutter brought home to help?”

“I am very sorry for hurting you the family need a son but I am very sorry for getting it this way.”

“I want her out every time I see her bad thoughts of murder get into my mind I feel like strangulating her. Please send her out I am legally insane and can do any drastic thing.”

“This is beyond me I cannot do anything.”

“You cannot do anything I’ll do something very drastic just see me do it not a threat but a promise.”
To be Cont.

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