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Seyii Tolof – Tolof –Part 579 EPISODE 37 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Domm Ju Gorr’ The Value of the Male Child)


Taaru with the Prayer Warriors
Sly was forced to attend the prayer session to no avail but Aunty Beatrice a shrewd and attentive speaker and listener noticed Sly’ behaviour and became suspicious of her she called Taaru aside and spoke to her with sternness.

Aunty Beatrice
“The Devil is a liar among us a traitor has been revealed by the Spirit of God but we shall tackle her in the name of the Lord Amen!”


Aunty Beatrice
She asked the devotees to open the Scriptures and she read and made her sermon from it.
“The devil will be put to shame; don’t put asunder what the Lord has put together;”
She went into the history of the marriage between the two families;

“In Africa one marries into a family even though two of our children saw each other abroad and marry themselves their two families were in touch and some of the privileged ones did attend the ceremony abroad; some of my sisters and brothers from both side of coin did grace the ceremony in the name of the families; I am Taaru’ aunty on the mother’ side her mom is my first cousin and I am also her Pastor; she is my niece and I’ll not allow the devil destroy her home; the living God we serve is alive! He is alive and all evil doers will be dealt with and crushed amen!”  “Amen!” The devotees chanted.

She felt uneasy and has to run away pretending she was pressed; every devotee looked at her side and smiled;

Aunty Beatrice
“Intensify the prayers God has already identify the evil doer she cannot stay she has to run away.”

She wanted to follow her but Aunty Beatrice stopped her;
“Don’t follow her if she returns then she is innocent but if she doesn’t she is guilty and exposed she now cannot do anything now you should not be complacent take care of your household.” She called her aside and gave her a patting advice.

She did not return and became a great suspect she has to devise a plan to absolve herself she pretended to be very sick and brought a doctor’s ED paper and gave it to Maama Linguerre.

Maama Linguerre
Sly gave her ED letter from doctor and pretended to be in great difficulty in walking;
“Is it this serious?”

She talked murmuring her words with difficulty;
“All this time I was in bed with running stomach and vomiting it started at the prayer meeting I have to run to the toilet I am very sorry Ma I could not communicate all this while.’

As she was explaining to Maama Taaru walked into the room and looked at her straight into the eyes which she avoided and it became very conspicuous she decided to talk to ensure she hears her aloud and clear.
“Were not the serpents exposed? Aunty Bea advised me to take care of my home not work! Work all the time isn’t she right? I was very complacent but not any more I have taken care of our household I’ll organize myself and take charge; don’t put asunder what God has put together; this marriage has been tied, locked and seal in the heavens all enemies will be put to shame Amen!”

Maama Linguerre
“Amen!” Maama responded and added;
“Aunty Bea is correct take care of your household before rude intruders take charge you over romance too much.” She teased her.

She became uncomfortable and pretended to be sick all the more.

Maama Linguerre
She did not understand the trick but Taaru did so Maama advised;
“You can go to your quarters and take a snap before long you’ll soon be alright.”

She just observed and did not utter a word when Sly left Maama’ curiosity made her asked;
“But you did not utter a word Taaru? Do you suspect her? But I think she is sick.”

“Maama if you believe her you’ll believe anything this girl is a seductress my eyes from hence forth will be wide open to nip her in the bord I’ve noticed how she seductively raised her uniform when she goes to Jambi’ study room to serve her coffee but no more she has to run out during the prayer meeting and Aunty Bea noticed her she saw a revelation from the Holy Spirit that she did not mean well to my family with my husband but the devil is a liar I’ll pray over it and put her at bay.”

Maama Linguerre
“I don’t want to accuse people just like that but we should be alert and not naïve put her at bay and take care of your man without any stress. Your kind soul is a very good weapon against any evil doer may the blood of Jesus Christ cover us all Amen!”
“Amen!” Taaru chorused.
To be Cont.

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