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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 572 EPISODE 37 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Domm Ju Gorr’ Value of the Boy Child’)


Taaru and her In-Laws
She apologized for not coming first to them instead of her husband.
“Am sorry Papa, Maama; I came from work exhausted and my first port of call was my husband you know how it was abroad it was only the two of us later came the baby Yaakar now we have to realize you are here too we need your company at the dining and for your wise counseling again we are very sorry.”

Papa Gela
“It’s okay we are here now and want to be considered there it is the nucleus family that is emphasized but here it is the extended in Africa and other third world countries that is given prominence you don’t only marry the man but you are married into a family.”

“Thank you Sir we definitely need your wise counseling.”

Maama Ling
She frown and said;
“It is okay my daughter it is not your fault you have just arrived you’ll understand everything in due course it should not be a competition between us and your man. Am I not a woman? I understand very well especially when I just marry Papa.”

Papa Gel
“Have you seen Mr. Jona?”

“Yes I do; how do you know? I am surprise.”

Papa Gel
“You are a hard working girl likable you’ll soon surpass your colleagues Jona there is a very good personality you should know.”

Papa Gel
“Settle down quickly we have a lot of catching up.” Papa Gel is a powerful traditional ruler in the sub-region with many connections which can make or break a person.

He entered after his wife who has already left dad drew him aside and said;

Papa Gel
“Jambi what are waiting for?”

“What are you saying dad? I can’t understand.”

Papa Gel
“You know what I am talking about? Yaakar is now 5 years old and has no sibling moreover she is a girl and you know how our tradition frown at the girl-child, make her pregnant soon or else get a woman pregnant and give you a male child or better still to be morally correct marry a second wife.”

He became very mad with his father;
“I desist doing any of your suggestions I married my wife legally with conditions we both agreed to, I can never marry a second wife and I vowed to be faithful and loyal to her until we parted from this world. We never want to come back it was Maama who cajoled me to come back home by sweet tonguing me and reassured me that none of my fears will materialize; if you press me against my will I’ll just  pack up our things and relocate back to the US we have our dual citizens documents.” He marched out from his presence.

Papa Gel
“We shall see who is the father here I am ready for you my people wanted me marry a second wife for more issues but I refuse why? Because your mom have given me a male child which is very valuable in our traditional society my family is the ruling class if there is no male issue will lose to the next succession line this is my dilemma. Do you want my only son to disappoint his lineage? Do you want me to be laughing stock for disobeying my relatives because of my love and affection I have for your dear mother? I am very sorry my boy your case is different you don’t have a male issue your pressure is higher.”

He turned to Maama and said;
“My darling I am in a dilemma please help me talk to your son I am being trapped I don’t want our lineage to lose to the contending families. My love for you have put me in this mess; I was forced to marry another woman for more issues it was not your fault you experience a difficult delivery which led to a Caesarian case where your womb becomes damaged and when the doctor said you’ll never bear a child again I wept blood for you I bank on our only son to marry from a fertile lineage for more children but when he was sent abroad he went and marry his love there is no problem but she has to bear at least two more male children or at least one. Certainly a girl cannot do.” He fumed.

Maama Ling
“But Sweet heart take it easy with these Americans they know nothing about our customs and traditions they need counseling but how you are going about it is not fine if you pressurize him too much he’ll just go back to where he came from they have their legal papers as dual citizen holders. I cajoled him to come back with his wife so that there will be a win-win solution to the problem.”
To be Cont.      

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