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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 566 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


She went back home to comply with the ultimatum with frustration she was easily irritated and this caused a lot of contradiction with Nyanga at one time the duo has a heated argument Penda’ cup was so full that there was a spill over Nyanga was so agitated that he slapped her down Penda fought back and he gave her a merciless beating her whole body got swollen she went to the hospital and has to lie to cover up her abuse she stayed in bed for a week and this was during pregnancy of their first child.
Penda kept malice of her husband as she refused to do any house chores until she forced Nyanga to apologized and bought her a car gift; the relationship improved for sometimes and she resumed her household duties all this while the Maamas of the duo were kept in the dark as they thought the couple were living as lovely couples.
Penda gave birth to a bouncing baby girl Sonia, Saange was added as her second name she wanted her to be a bold and fierce Activist. Nyanga dotted on her daughter he is not bothered with the sex of the child because the experience in his family showed that if a conducive environment is created for the little girls they perform better than the spoilt boys in their families their sibling sister did better than his brother and himself.
He took Saange to the best kindergarten best Primary up to tertiary education they later fell apart
when she told him the truth and sided with her mom.
   The Contradiction
The contradiction did not go away as it frustrated Penda all the more Nyanga could not fulfill all his promises because of his assistance to his extended family; the battering continued on abated Saange became a teenager she sided with her mom and kept chiding her father’ brutality towards her mom. Nyanga’ relationship with his family worsen Saange encouraged her mom to report her abuse to the actors against Gender Based Violence but Penda hesitated as she wanted to fight her husband and put an end to the abuse.

The Trio Friends
Penda, Beatrice and Sally the trio took different approaches; Penda is the fighter she trained in Judo and Karate and fought her way to recognition; Beatrice became a punching bag and was so naïve that Bully took her for granted; Sally’s case was so serious and pathetic as a professional she was supposed to mend marriages and support survivors or abuse victims’ families at home she was a survivor herself until her tragedy.

He regretted his action and is contemplating a comeback will it be possible? That was his reason why he is suspicious of Sang’ relationship with Penda.

He in love with Penda but is afraid to tell her.
“Will she accept my proposal? I am afraid of rejection.” He soliloquies.

She is innocent as she thought Sang as a friend only; he frequented the house and becomes a lively friend then one day he had the courage to speak his mind.
He invited her to a date alone when she suggested going with the girls.

“Are you afraid of me?” He asked with sarcasm.

“Why do you say that?”

“Whenever I propose a date you asked us to take the children along. No! Only the two of us I want us to enjoy our date as adults unperturbed.”

“Okay, it is alright by me.”

The date
The duo went to a quiet resort have fun and enjoyed themselves as they were about to leave Sang stooped down before Penda and asked;
“Will you be my partner with the intention to share our lives for eternity? We have many commonalities we can become strong advocates of Gender Based Violence’’ He looked right into his eyes;
“Yes!” He paused his heart beating fast.

She paused and reflected this put Sang into suspend of what to expect then out of the blues Penda poured her mind.
“Yees! A big Yees! Two of a kind isn’t it? You are what I want in a man our Girls will be thrill one day I came from work and overheard them!”

The Girls
“I always have them in my prayers.” Saange told Aunty Bea’ Girls Herengne and Baange.
“Me too what a coincidence so you don’t want your mom and dad to reconnect?” The duo asked in unison.

“No I don’t can my dad ever change? I like Uncle Sang look at how he gave your mom solidarity during the dark days also he always encourage my mom during her fight against dad’ violence, we can build a big happy family especially when your dad is released from prisons.”
“I was in my room and did not tell them anything. We will call a family party and you propose in front of all of them I can see their faces they’ll be thrill.” The duo enjoyed some passionate kisses. To cont.


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