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Seyii Tolof –Tolof Part 550 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – “Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender –Based –Violence)


1st House
He is angry and frustrated as he yelled at himself;
“What is happening to me? Have I become a second class citizen in my own house? No! This has to stop.” He yelled.

She came from work and found her husband seated at the sitting room she greeted him and start going to her room he got up and held her bag heading to her room she stopped and asked;
“Where are you taking my bag?”

“Can I not help my wife who came tired from work?”

“Of course! I am happy that you have transformed are you sure you want me continue my work?”

“Are you pulling my legs? Will you take it when I say stop work what I have it enough for us and my mom?”

“Fair enough but no my sweet heart I can’t I am a graduate for God sake my parents educated me you cannot sponsor all of us let us do it together to build our home. Why is your ego refusing this new reality?”

“You know why? Because we agreed that you are to be a stay at home mom to take care of our family and I’ll take care of us all. It was fine all the time until that Sally of a lady enter our life and change everything by her gender lectures. Go back to the old golden days when I found you ready for me whenever I come home from work. I beg I am not forcing you.” He begged.

“Nyanga this one is not negotiable O! I have decided I own my space and can never quit it again am sorry.”

In soliloquy
“I am empowered through self defence Nyanga would have beaten me blue/black but no more he has now changed tactic he is now sweet tonguing me but sorry for him I’ll not change my mind.” She laughed hilariously in her locked up room.

He is now fed up at the receiving end;
“I cannot take it any more something has to be done I’ll figure out what I don’t mind the worst divorce! Is she the only woman on earth? Most women are at home wives and that was what she opted for why should she change now?” He was a bitter man.

The Shocking News
Sang rang Penda with a hoarse voice  somewhat sobbing;

“What is it Sang? Are you alright? How is Beatrice? My mind is on her all this while I hope she is fine with the girls.”

Through Sobs he answered;
“I am sorry your friend is no more.”

“What do you mean my friend is no more? What has happen to Beatrice? Is she okay?”

“She is dead Bully pushed her headlong she fell down crashing her head upon the hard floor and instantly died she is at the morgue as I speak to you.”

“What! She is dead! So bad! Where are the kids? They will be awful!””

“At the moment they are with a Senior Social Welfare Officer who is counseling them.”

“Please I need my kids to console them we warn her she would not listen she married a demon. I’ll come and you’ll take me to my girls. Take heart may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.” Penda wept for her friend and all abuse women for that matter.
“We have to stand up and fight for our right zero tolerance to exploitation, oppression and abuse.”

Sally the Counselor
Her nightmare became real she was equally shock when she heard the news of Beatrice’ death.
“I knew it he is a sadist murderer he‘ll rot in jail I’ll see to that. Our friend is a virtuous woman who served her family all her life  God will grant her the heavens such a gentle soul we’ll miss her no more that beautiful, innocent smile and likability.” She became agitated.

“I now have issues with Nyanga he is not happy with my attitude I have put a challenge at patriarchy he sleeps at the couch my daughter and I have our space he rarely stays at the house do I care?”

In soliloquy
“My husband still rapes me he is a sadist but I still loves him, what about my strange nightmare were he violently raped, aborted my baby and ruptured my womb in the process? I fear for my life.”

The Nightmare becomes a reality
Sally visited the Gynic clinic and was told she is 4 weeks pregnant she was thrilled;
“I am going to be a mother! I am going to be a mother!” She jumped like an excited kid.
“I’ll no longer be labeled as a barren woman by my sadist husband and wicked mother-in-law a child is a child whether conceived in romantic love or in a rape situation; I’ll hold him/her tight and gives her/him all my care and love I am just happy that I am a mother after 11 years marriage. Let me rush home and inform Saul.”

She showed the result to Solomon;
“Check it out this is my result I am just from the Clinic.”

He read it and grin;
“What is the fuss about? It is not a big deal.”

“Is that what you have to say? To you it is a small thing because the pressure is less on you; your mom calls be a barren woman and is ready to find you another wife to multiply your lineage I am excited about it the burden would be lifted from my being.”

“So after all you enjoy the rape it was ‘sakara’ pretention I’ll rape you more to become more pregnant.” He teased with arrogance and spite.

He dragged Sally and threw her upon the bed and violently violated her in the process he injured her and aborted her foetus which was 4 weeks old. Sally yelled;

“You beast you have hurt me I felt bad.” She pushed him away to her horror a lot of blood oozes from her private and she yelled.
“Has the nightmare becomes a reality?” She sobbed as lumps of clots came out from her private. Then he heard Solomon laughing hilariously mocking at her;
“This woman is a horse how can she be pregnant in rape and be happy about it?”
What’ next? Keep on reading.
To be Cont.

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