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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 549 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ – Gender-Based-Violence)


Beatrice’ House
Tragedy struck at an unexpected time Beatrice cooked lunch and put it at the Dining the girls were seated waiting for mom before they start eating dad was nowhere to be found Beatrice said;

“Let me call your dad before we start eating.” She then climbed the stairs what happened she found Bully in a sour mood she called his attention but he yelled at her;

“Get out of my sight dummy ‘mumu’ I hate you with passion.”

“Why do you hate me what have I done to you?”

“Are you talking back at me?” Before she replied back he pushed her with thrust and Beatrice came headlong crashing upon the steps onto the floor and break her head blood oozing from her nostrils and ears.”

The Girls
The crash filled their ears and they yelled;
“The beast has killed our mother we warned her but she would not hear the law of the land will deal with you we disown you as a father good riddance to bad rubbish.”

The demon
He became afraid and confused;
“What have I done?” He said aloud.
“It was an accident I do not mean to kill her.”

The Corpse
The girls embraced the corpse and wept bitterly until the Police came and took them away for counseling the murderer was whisked away in handcuff.

Penda’ House
Nyanga came with lots of demand.

“Can I have my supper am starving.”

“Really I am also just from work there is a stew in the sauce pan I’ve also boiled rice and yam choose any the choice is yours. I want to sleep early to wake up early to work good night.”

He yelled at her;
“Who is the man of the house? Who will serve me am I going to serve myself? What is happening in my house I cannot understand?”

Yelling and Insulting
Penda came back and took posture;
“Do you want to go back to hospital?”
Nyanga step back;
He changed tone;
“I was just expressing my point of view, do you really want to continue this job for real? Who will take care of me? My income is enough for all of us including my poor mother at the village please reconsider if you love me and want our marriage to continue.”

“Is that a threat?”

“No! No! It is just my perspective we agreed when we get married that you’ll not work.”

“That was then I was young, naïve and complacent but not anymore you took me for granted and made me a punching bag and you also disempowered me I ask you for everything it was never enough I am a graduate for God sake now I’ve seen a different perspective marriage has to take into consideration the new situation or we tried another path whatever you decide is good by me.”

He yielded and Penda went back into her room.
“I am scared she is not the woman I married her very presence scared me I have to think very fast; is this the type of woman I want to marry?”

Beatrice House
He came to give the girls solidarity he wept bitterly;
“These were my very last words I see it coming Bully is wicked and mean he stopped his selfish love when Beatrice kept giving birth to girls as if she was responsible for it; Science taught us it is the male who possess the chromosome for the male sex if you the husband cannot give her how can she get it other than play bond with another man and if Bully finds out would mean death to Beatrice moreover she was an honourable woman who would never compromise herself he married her a maiden. Naivety made her a victim of the beast I’ll be a living witness against my evil, mean brother I don’t care how society interprets it I have my conscience and I am also a gender activist. Those who understand me will not be surprised we were always at each other’ neck in his house where I became an unwanted guest (persona non grata).
Be strong girls we will never abandon you, you are in safe hands.”

The Girls
They were overwhelmed;
“The beast killed our mom we too advise her but she would never listen the murderer hate her for giving birth to us which is not our fault; we would have never prayed for a demon to be our father we will be a witness against all his abuses against mom he will be exposed the law will lock him for life. We appreciate you Uncle Sang you were always there for us thank you God will bless you in all your undertakings. We will not see, touch, hear and live with our mother again thanks to the evilness and meanness of the demon he will die and rot in hell we hate and have disowned him.”
To be Cont.

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