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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 541 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender – Based – Violence)


Sang Augustus
He found Beatrice cooking at the kitchen and he scolded her;
“When have you been discharged? Doc said you should be discharged next week why now? You are not well you need a break do you love yourself less and brother more?  If you die now God forbid he will marry another woman they are abundant in the market wake up and smell the coffee. Who asked you to cook at this condition?”

She dodged the question and kept silent.

Sang Augustus
“I know it is my brother he is wicked and callous go to your sister let him divorce you if he does so what? Take a decision and now!”

At the Kitchen
Sang went to the kitchen and took over the cooking while he cooked Beatrice sat down and helped him cook the dish it was Bully’ delicacy  he took it to the Dining and waited for his brother he came and started eating Sang confronted him;

“You should be ashamed of yourself why did you discharge your sick wife from the hospital? To come and served you as a slave? Let her go to her sister to convalesce from her abortion if anything happen to her I’ll be a witness that you kill your wife through abuse mark my words.”

“She is okay if you and her reckless friends persuade her to go to her sister would be the end of her marriage I’ll divorce her she can go I know what to do. I have taken notes and pictures.”

“Get out of my house Busybody and never to visit again traitor of a brother.”

The Girls
“Our dad is a demon he hates us and our mother we should play him a game tie and beat him up.”

Uncle Sang and the Girls
“I heard you girls you cannot do what you plan to execute don’t be violent he is a demon but is your dad create a Confrontation between him and yourselves.” They agreed.

The Confrontation
Bully was shock with his girls he yelled at them;
“Who taught you such arrogant confrontational words and deeds? Is it your mother who taught you talk to me like that? You are getting out of hand I have to pause and look back at your training how is Beatrice bringing up my kids?”

The Girls
“Take mom out of it we are the very ones who compose everything we are thinkers and have witness everything.”

Uncle Sang
He laughed hilariously;
“Your girls are more mature than you and I’ll help them go further in disciplining you mark my words!”

“You are mad! Where are you heading to with my kids?”

“To freedom, liberation and wellbeing listen to your kids, they want freedom for their mom she is not a slave in your marriage.”

The Girls
“Say sorry to our mother, your wife!” They demanded.

“Get out of my sight  I’ll flock you and fight your mad uncle.”

She cautioned Sang and the girls;
“It is okay apologize to your dad we’ll settle it is he not my  husband? He is a good father and I love him.”

The Girls
“Mom don’t be naïve dad is beyond redemption.”

“Say we are sorry or I’ll be mad at you, go now!”

The Girls
“We are sorry it was a desperate action you gave us no access for justice.”

His Reaction
He turned to Beatrice and Sang
“Look at what you have caused turning my girls against me? I’ll never forgive you Beatrice for making my younger sibling cause to disrespect me and my girls you have corrupted them .” He rushed to hit his wife but Sang held him tight and asked Beatrice to go back to her room.

At Sally’ Home
Her pain continued unabated; her sadist husband enjoy sex by raping her;
“You are my sex slave , I enjoy humiliating you as a marriage Counselor,Physician heal yourself.”

“You are hurting me leave me alone this is torture not love making.”

“I don’t care want it like that to kill your ego I am the patriarch and you are the slave.”

Feminist Space
The trio met at their Vous and exchanged notes ;
The humiliation, blatant abuse, exploitation etc. They cry, share and got relieve giving solidarity to each other.

Third Party
The Devil Mother-In-Law phoned Sadist and Sally heard her throwing innuendoes at her;
“I got a beautiful girl for you she can bear you children my grandchildren before I join my ancestors. I’ll visit next month.”

“Okay mom I’ll be waiting for you I miss your delicacies.”
To be Cont. 

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