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Seyii Tolof- Tolof Part 540 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender –Based- Violence)


At the Clinic
Bully went to the Clinic with rage he found Beatrice sleeping he woke her up;
“Get up lazy bone your time is up you are okay pack your things I am going to pay the bill you have to be discharged today since you left I have not eaten a proper meal your girls are useless you have not taught them anything what they can cook is plain porridge; like mother like children!” Beatrice did not say anything she just contemplated and argued in silence;
“Didn’t I tell them he would not agree I’ll not even raise it up to jeopardize my marriage.”

At the Accounts Department
“Where is the bill I’ve come to settle madam Beatrice’?”

“Has she been discharge? Dr. Sabally is at a meeting.”

“My wife is okay she has to go home the family is suffering no decent meal since her admission to the clinic moreover the girls are uncared for her services are needed urgently.”

She hates this bully with a passion she tried to reason with him;
“But sir your wife suffered abortion she is still very weak and fragile we were discussing it the other day with doc Beatrice she needs to convalescent and stay with a mature relative to take care of her she has to give herself time to heal or else she can suffer from some complications that can compromise her health.”

“She looks quite alright she has to be discharged to carry her maternal duties to her family.”

“Are you hearing me Mr. Bangura? Your wife is our patient under our care at this moment we know what is best for her am sorry moreover, Doc is not here when she comes you can discuss with her excuse me.”

“I’ll go and come back for my wife you tell Doctor.”

She hissed and continued with her work.

Doctor Sabally
She came back from her meeting and Mariam told her everything;
“I’ll be waiting for the bully let him come and meet me here.”

He came back and was summoned to meet Dr. Sabally after exchanged greeting he said;
“Your nurses told you my message I’ve come to take my wife she is now okay our home is suffering because of her absence.”

Dr. Sabally
She was enraged she thought the nurses were exaggerating she gave him a fitting answer
“Are you a beast, heartless and insensitive? You are a bully and wife batterer I am not releasing her she has to stay for another week for observation. I’ve seen marks on her body I have taken note if any harm befalls her I’ll stand as a witness for the prosecution mark my words.”

“We shall see her marriage is on the line if anything happens to her marriage you are responsible.”

She sobbed bitterly and begged doctor to discharge her  or else she will be divorced.
“Doc you have a husband and you love him the same applies to me please let me go back to my family.”

She knew her situation and strike a compromise;
“Okay at least stay for a day under observation.” She knelt down and prayed for doc.

He felt hurt and insulted;
“All my embarrassment happen because of you, that silly doctor and her rude nurses, your children have no home training; go to the kitchen and cook us a proper meal I’ve not eaten one since you left  you never inform me of your pregnancy I would have taken some measures especially bearing in mind that it was a male child, it was my wish, my dream and you made me lose it I’ll never forgive you for such a great loss.”

“But my husband I never knew I was pregnant not to say about it’ sex I am very sorry for the loss.”

He became enraged
“Look at this dummy! How many pregnancies and still you did not know you were pregnant? Why should I waste myself on you? I’ll marry a second wife traditionally to bear me male children I don’t care whether the church recognizes her or not she will be my favourite wife and I’ll will my property to my son/s.”

She wept bitterly and said;
“Has it come to that? I can bear you son sooner than later don’t dispossess us my husband remember the good old times.” She stooped down and held his feet he pushed her away.

He went to his room and glee;
“She is under my control those interventionists cannot do anything I’ll manipulate her anyhow I like just see me play my chess game. Her leave is over in the chores as well as her conjugal duties. She is my baby making factory.”
To be Cont.     

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