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Seyii Tolof- Tolof Part 539 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender- Based –Violence)


The Friends
They heard the news of their friend’ loss and decided to visit her at the clinic.

At the Clinic
Beatrice saw her friends and decided to sob they in turn join her and wept bitterly through sobs Panka said;
“Accept our sympathy it is a great pain but God gives and takes the one to stay will come take heart.” Sally concurred then gave her an envelope from the duo.

“It will help you tighten some pressing issues; also take stock of yourself in tutu especially your health it is not worth it live for your two beautiful girls in the search for a boy child God forbid you can end up killing yourself what happen to your beautiful girls? Don’t orphan them is my candid advice.”

“He’ll harass and torment you for deliberately killing his boy child be strong to resist him you are not responsible he is for over burdening you with his ‘warhala’, household drudgery and abuse also go to your sister and convalescent there for a while for your health well- being.”

She wept bitterly and said;
“Thank you for your concern Sang advised me the same but I am trapped you don’t know the type of man I’ve married he would not agree and he will surely divorce me if I leave the house without his consent also my children who will take care of them?”

The Friends
“It is very sad to hear you say this you are acting as a patriarchal gate keeper we fear for your life  our dear sister another advice don’t be pregnant too soon just to please him.”

Outside the Clinic
The duo went to a bar to chill out;
“We have just lost a friend Bully will kill Beatrice and Society will salute him.”

“Why are you so skeptical? Is it that bad? We as friends cannot force her into anything we only have persuasive influence Beatrice is of the old school marriage is sacrosanct.”

“What we only have now is prayers but God helps those who help themselves our sister has been unnerved by this bully of a husband, mark my words she will be murdered.”

“Don’t mind me I am the worst hypocrite on earth my sister! I cannot practice what I preach! My husband holds me as a sex slave I am being raped every night and there is nothing I can do about it I am trapped sister.”

At the Second House
Bully was very frustrated no food in the house;
“What are we going to eat? That lazy bone still at the clinic running away from her responsibility.”

The Girls
“Dad mom is not a lazy bone as you describe her she is a good, diligent and responsible wife and mother she has given birth and just lost her baby we as a family have to show her empathy and prayed for her wellbeing her absence is deeply felt because she did everything for the family.”

He yelled at the girls;
“Who talks back at me? Am I your mate? Are you mad? Now both of you go to the kitchen and cook anything for the family.”

The Girls
They sulked and he ran after them with a cane.
“WE are girls how can we go to the kitchen and cook? What can we cook?”

At the Kitchen
The girls cook empty porridge and brought soar milk from the fridge and served it.

He raved and ranted;
“This is too much she has to be discharged today my family is suffering because of her absence.”

First House
Nyanga came and Panka was nowhere to be found;
“Where is that good for nothing wife of mine? Where has she gone to without my permission? I am waiting for her explanation.”

She came and found Nyanga at the sitting room fuming with rage.

“Where have you been to without my permission?” He asked.

“My friend has just given birth to a still birth we went to give her solidarity.”

“I don’t care who you have visited but what I am asking is on whose permission?”

“I am sorry it was not intentional.”

He got up and started hitting her Panka yelled and ran out of the house.

“I’ll kill you I am the husband here and you are the wife get that into your thick skull.”

“Birds of the same feathers flock together your friend Bully refused to visit his wife at the clinic he accused her of killing their foetus baby boy is he alright in his head? But who among you will advise the other? Are you not both bullies and wife batterers? But God will judge both of you before you die. Mark my words.”

“When have you become a soothsayer Prophet of doom? Wait for me there I am after you.” He ran after her as she ran for dear life.
To be Cont.      

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