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Seyii Tolof –Tolof Part 537 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


1st House
The couple went for a date Nyanga bought Panka a skimpy dress quite revealing Panka protested;
“Why did you bought me such a skimpy dress quite revealing? You know this is not my type of dress; our school Professor  always argues with us Activists that what you wear is a statement about yourself and peoples’ perception about the person and I hundred percent agree with him on that aspect. Please let me wear my type of clothes.” Panka pleaded with Nyanga.

“Am I not your husband I bought it for you with my hard earned money please wear it for my sake if you really love me I want you to be sexy only for me and nobody else.”

“Are you sure with what you ask of me? Will you defend me when sexist see me as a whore?”

“Who dare see my beautiful wife as a whore and I break his head and his resolve>?”

At the Date
Throughout the day Nyanga was tipsy but at the date he drank to stupor as well as his irresponsible friends one of them Omar Sira was attracted to me he started to pull and press himself onto me I warn him but he cannot keep away.

Omar Sira
“You are so beautiful I need you girl can we have a fine time and I’ll give you anything you ask for.”

“I don’t need anything from you Omar I am Panka Nyanga’ wife, Nyanga your best pal can’t you get it?”

Omar Sira
“I don’t care whose wife you are, you are very sexy I can’t leave you don’t you get it?”

“I became fed up and gave him a nasty slap  he lost his gait and fell upon the floor I left him there and went in search of Nyanga imagine what I saw? There was Nyanga fingering another female and she was enjoying it I went and pulled him from her, ‘let’ leave I am no longer comfortable here.’ He refused but I pulled him into the car and drove home the gateman helped me undressed  and laid him on bed. In the morning when he became sober he turned the story upside down accusing me of flirting with his best pal and accused me of dressing like a whore to trap his friend.”

“You trapped my friend why did you wear such a seductive dress? What do you expect my friend to do? Why did you hit him when he wanted to buy what you were selling?”

“You are a pimp that why you bought me the seductive dress and forced me to wear it wasn’t it a trap to sell me? God is great I am not a whore and have resolved never to wear such things for anyone not even you my husband. It was not my fault but my naivety thank you very much for defending my integrity from people like you and your friend.” I said with sarcasm. Nyanga wanted to hit me but

She held his hand; she showed him the picture and said;
“I was not convince I know you’ve set a trap for my mom you want to embarrass and label her but you have failed in this era of social media nothing is hidden under the sun; dad you are very evil and I’ll not allow you hit my mom this time around.”

The Duo
They embraced and gave each other solidarity.

“It is a conspiracy against me but I know what to do, Saange I’ll  send you abroad after High School and I’ll see how you’ll defend your mom when you are out of the country.”

“We’ll be waiting for you dad we are ready for you.”

“You are the daughter of a rebel we shall see how it ends.” The ladies mocked at him.

At the Second House
Beatrice fell dizzy but still kept doing household chores she suddenly fell upon the floor and fainted. The gardener Pa Colley called a cab and took her to the clinic. He alerted Uncle Sang and he rushed there.

Doctor Taal
He explained to Sang and Pa Colley;
“She was in high stress and is hypertensive she was five weeks pregnant unfortunately she lost her baby. She needs to rest and there are multiple bruises all over her body I have recorded it for future reference tell her husband he has to stop the abuse or I’ll report him to the police her life is in a precarious situation.” She explained.

“I understand what you are saying and would diligently explain to my brother who is her husband. Few minutes later she woke up and Sang spoke to her again and she sobbed bitterly.

“I lost my baby.”

“Who told you?”

“By instinct as an experienced mom.”

Sang and Pa Colley
They counseled her;
“Take it easy God gives and takes more will come your way you are still young.”

He sent Pa Colley away to go and collect the kids from school while he created space to talk to Bea in private.
“I sent him away to create privacy to talk to you why didn’t you join family planning? This beast treats you as a baby making machine he wants a boy isn’t it?” Bea nodded her head.
“and you agreed to it?”

“what can i do he is the master and i am his wife he said he wants a boy child or he’ll divorce me and drive us out of his house i have no choice my brother.”
to be cont.

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