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Seyii Tolof-Tolof Part 532 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’, Gender Based Violence)


“Your brother still hits me and most of the time in front of the kids but what am I going to do when I still love him as he is my first love I suffered from my aunt’ treatment so when I got married I was very happy that I was going to another environment but alas nothing change it became worse in my husband’ house where I should have been treated as the Madam of the house I became the slave of the house but who said if I leave him I’ll go to something better?  All men are the same.” She is still an apologist of abuse.

“Your analysis is wrong who said men are all the same? Am I the same as my brother yet we are of the same parents but we are very different; act now before it is too late.”

“Even if I take your advice what about my children?”

“Here you go again with different excuses are they not his kids? They are not babies leave them with him he will not kill them abusers don’t maltreat their daughters or mothers most of the time unless they are of the worst breed like my brother. Run before it is too late Bully hates you and with that hatred in his eyes he can kill you by default if you allow him kill you where would your children stand? Run sister-in-law! Run to preserve your dear, valuable life even if you don’t marry again you’ll live for your kids your situation is very gloomy you stayed abuse for too long the animal no longer sees you as a human being.”

The Girls
“Did you hear Uncle Sang? He had said it all your husband our dad is a demon run for your dear life wherever you go we’ll come  after you the demon cannot deter us to go to our mom we love you mom preserve your life for your loved ones.”
The girls looked her in the eyes and embraced her with love and concern.

“I’ve heard you all I’ll think about it.”
“Do it now before it is too late.”
The trio chorused in unison.

Sangs Pays a Visit
Sangs paid a sudden visit to check whether Beatrice’ situation has changed but he was shocked to notice more face bruises and swollen eyes he went to meet his brother who was at home seated at the living room commandeering his wife and calling for his food Sang was mad at his brother; without greeting he addressed him straight;

“Brother! Are you still at it?”

“At what? How can you bagged into my house without greeting you start accusing me of what I do not know stop talking in riddles and tell me what I should know.”

“Let me tell you what you have already known and continue pretending; when would you stop bullying and abusing your noble, innocent wife the mother of your kids who is so loyal to you and would not leave you for anything at the expense of her life if you do not mind your ways you’ll one day cause a tragedy then ruin your life and face the law for your rightful sanctions don’t say I do not warn you as a blood sibling. You are a hypocrite by bullying your wife and by extension your kids are you any different from dad? You hated him and malice him until he died because of his bullying and alienation of mom and by extension us when you are his carbon copy? I’ll testify against you if you follow the same path trust me.”

“Are you done with your blabbing? She is my wife and I can do anything with her it is none of your business you have already overstayed your welcome get out of my house!”

“I’ll go but before I leave I’ll leave you with this proverb of our people, ‘hodecul  balagha lakale’ meaning clear your rubbish before it catches fire.”

“I now apologize to dad mom was a bitch and deserves dad’ treatment women have to be treated as slaves to scare their guts if not they’ll pass the mark.”

“It is the type of woman you get you should have married an Activist she should have put you into your rightful place; dad died a rolling stone no woman to mourn him you too should watch your steps am gone never to come here again because it is trespass to fight you in your own house I am an uninvited guest as you rightly said.”

“That’ it good riddance to bad rubbish! What do you know about marriage big mouth?” Sangs banged the door and left.

The Children
The girls were playing in the garden they sprang from their seats when they saw Uncle Sangs;
“Uncle Sangs! Uncle Sangs! Come and play with us you are unlike that demon of a dad she scolds at us and is always angry when he sees us I think he wanted us to be boys but what is wrong in being girls? We can be doctors, engineers, pilots, presidents or vice, anything scientists you name the professions we will shame him someday and show him we are women of substance to make our country proud and our parents including you we shall never disappoint you. Have you spoken to dad to change his ways before it is too late? He still hits and humiliates mom especially when we are around in the other day he called her a bitch and insulted her ‘poor’ parents as he described them; when we are much older we will fight him or call the police to come and take him away we don’t want a bully in our life dad is a source of embarrassment sometimes he comes home late and in stupor.”

“We will solve the riddle but take it easy upon yourselves don’t hate it is too much a burden; I shall see you soon.”
He stoop and kissed them both then left he did not tell them his quarrel with their dad.
To Be Cont.   

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