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Seyii Tolof-Tolof Part 531 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – Bully ‘Sohorr’, ‘Bayindeku’ ‘Ak Yenen’ ‘Torohal’ ‘Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


Second House
She is at home doing household drudgery her brother-in-law  Augustus 200 level Economics undergraduate came for weekend he found her at the kitchen and decided to help her cook.

“Let me help you cook is it ‘Cheep’?”

“Yes it is how do you do?”

“I was Mama’ Boy I used to be in the kitchen helping mom I know by the condiments just sit down and let me prove myself to you.’

She felt embarrassed making excuses here and there;
“Let me cook today while you sit and learn more.”

He forced himself and took the reins he sorted out all the ingredients while Beatrice reluctantly looked on. August used the blender and blended what should be blended then cooked the ‘Chepp’ as an expert the scent convinced everyone that it is going to be delicious;
“our people say ‘chiin su naare neeh su baahe heenge’ one’ knows delicious dish by it’ scent. Come to the dining food is being served.” He absented himself to surprise the girls.

At the Dining
The family assembled and had their meal which was greatly enjoyed then the children asked;

The Girls
“Mama the Chepp is very delicious with a superb taste it is not my dish but this one is just perfect.” Posited Baange.

She shocked everyone by saying she was not the expert cook.
“I was not the expert cook.”

“Then who was? Don’t be funny mom which other woman is here other than you? You have no house help dad had kicked against it saying it would make you lazy and useless and you have concurred then who else other than you can cook such a delicious dish?” Harenge asked.

“Do you want to know the expert cook?”

Chorus the Girls
“Yes ma!”

“Mysterious person come out for everyone to see.’

The Shock
Augustus came out dress as a Chef all gazed at him and simultaneously exclaimed;
“Uncle August! Uncle August! We never know you are such a great cook? You are unlike our dad he complains on everything but does nothing to help in the household chores he said women/girls are meant for household chores but look at you so different we wish you were our father and mom’ husband.” The girls remarked but mom rebuked them.

“Never say such things about your father he has his buts but he is your dad and my husband Uncle August is his younger brother and would not be happy to hear you say such things about his elder brother he can see you as rude children.”

He surprised everyone he held Bea’ hand and looked into her eyes;
“Be yourself sis free yourself these girls are liberated at an early age they are empowered.”

He turned to them and said;
“I’ll not be offended because you are saying the truth I am very different from your dad who is a patriarch and a bitter man at that he hates women and want to take revenge on them be strong and help your mom break the shackles of oppression and takes her place as the woman of the house let her stand up and fight for her right no one can do it for her she has to do it for herself. I am a conscious man I did gender and by practice I was the chaat and mom’ boy I had empathy for my oppressed mom who was just like your mother she has to run away from my dad when he almost killed her.” He called the girls and hugged them he also called mom and hugged her as well there was emotional outburst mom swept profusely.

The Girls
“Thank you Uncle August we love you, you are so kind we are closer to you than our dad you are right he hates us as girls he preferred a boy or boys he is never cheerful when he sees us he only gives us commands that must be obeyed as for mom he looks at her with disdain we noticed and told her but she rebuffs us and said we are children and should not say that she is an apologist but we fear for her life dad hits mom at for every tiny mistake the other day he asked mom to prepare custard after she has already prepared ‘mono’ porridge for the family he ordered for custard and poured hot porridge upon her clothes. We were furious we talked back he heard it and wanted to punish us we had to run away. Uncle August we will never marry such a wicked man he is not our father you are our dad. We wish he died so that mom can marry a man like you.”

She reprimanded them;
“Never again wish him dead he is your dad and my husband for better or for worse.”

The Girls
“We rather have him dead before he kills you we honestly fear for your life mom dad does not love you, you are the one who love and care for him did you marry him with such an attitude?”

Memory Lane
“Dad was not like this before he was nice and always talks about his dad with disdain that he was a rolling stone wherever he rolls was his home; that he neglected them four children he has with his mom two boys and two girls but the fourth girl was accidently killed by dad when he was assaulting his mom but it was a family secret; that he rebelled against his dad about how he was treating his mom, he went abroad hustling as he does not want to partake in his wealth which he described as ill-gotten ; abroad he met many disappointments from women and friends he came back a bitter man; when we met he appreciated my calmness and married me; he wanted boys but I kept giving him girls and he sees me as bad luck and started to maltreat me after the birth of you girls he said I have to give him at least a boy or I’ll abort any girl child he made me abort two pregnancies I almost lose my life he threaten to have girlfriends who will give him boys.”
To be Cont.

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