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Seyii Tolof-Tolof Part 530 EPISIODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – Bully ‘Sohorr’ , Bayindeku’ Ak ‘Yenen’ ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


Sally Yvonne is an Activist, Marriage Counselor she counseled a lot of women and fixed their marriages she is now their champion but the husbands are very angry with her and plan her downfall.
“Find your worth be yourself women are human beings too don’t allow yourself to be punching bags just to have a marital status it does not make sense. Some women are happy when their spouses hit them they would say ‘my man is so jealous he hits me when he sees me talking to a man he loves me that’ why he is jealous’; normally this tendency starts during courtship our people normally say ‘whatever you see in marriage starts from courtship ‘ logiis si saaye fennyonna si ngoro’ meaning whatever you see in marriage has shown itself during courtship. Let us straighten the relationship before marriage let make it expensive for them when they misbehave.” She counseled Matty who explained her situation earlier.

She is Sally’ client she explained her situation;
“Mawdor is very jealous he hits me for everything but I love him so much I have to cope I don’t want to lose him.”

“What! That’ what am saying if you allow him to hit you for everything in courtship what happens when you are married? Are you ready to be a punching bag for the rest of your life? Take a stand now before it is too late.”

“What should I do to make him stop?”

“Speak to him and explain your standpoint if he does not change invite someone whom he trusts to talk to him if he still persist threaten to leave him if he is still adamant take to your heels because he is not the man for you if not you’ll be trapped and if you do your relationship can end in a tragedy which will be a loss to everyone.”

“It is very difficult for me but it is the right thing to do I’ll try the steps and if it fails I’ll call it a quit thank you for the good counseling.” The duo shook hands and Matty left.

The Dilemma
Sally has a big life size mirror at her office she went inside the inner room and look at herself;
“What am I saying and doing is it compatible? Am I a Book preaching what should be done and doing the opposite? You can later judge me when it comes to my marriage life.”

The In-Laws
Are they positive elements in the Equation? We will later judge for ourselves.

Family A
She helped her mom take painkillers then massaged her body;
“But mom for how long are you going to allow dad to abuse you as such?”

When the duo were courting dad was an angel he dotted on his fiancée but when did the soup go sour?
It was unnoticeable quantity turning to quality first with a slap then apology accepted then from a slap to a kick then to a beating then to severe beating which becomes a trend he beats her for wearing inappropriate dress as he claimed  his accusation attracting males which can lead to prostitution. Penda allows Nyanga to choose her way of dressing, her colours, type of shoes, bags and accessories, the way to talk and behave when they go out, he can relate to females of all kinds but Penda dares not talk to any friend be it male or female whom he does not approve every outing is palaver when the duo return home which ends in a beating being mild or severe Nyanga was the judge and jury.

On One Occasion
Nyanga bought Penda a sexy, skimpy, revealing dress to attend an outing with friends but before realizing it a randy friend got attracted to Penda and she slapped him later the friend apologized when he realizes she is his friend’s wife he apologized to Nyanga who pretended everything is okay only to lash it at Penda when they return home.

“You dress as a whore why would you not attract wolves to yourself he thought you are a prostitute that’ why he went after you what a disgrace!”

She wept for the insult to her personality and integrity;
She challenged her demon husband;
“Did I buy the dress for myself? Who took me to this party? Whose friend chase after me? Are you fair to me? Did you safe me from your friend? This is the first and last that I wear such revealing dress that is not my style I wear proper dresses because I know the type of dresses one wears is a statement of one’ personality you encourage me to do such things then blame me for the consequences what an irony!”

“How can you address me as such am I your mate?” He started to hit her but Saange held the cane and protested;

“What is happening here? Why are you beating her? I’ll not allow you to hit my mom again if you do I’ll report you to the police who will come and arrest you and you’ll end up in jail wicked man I have evidence you’ll be locked up.” Saange seized the cane from him.

“You are taking sides and favouring your mother I’ll disown you ingrate of a daughter after everything I’ve done for you? We shall see.”

“With God’ help the two of you brought me to the world did I request for it? I am your responsibility your parents also gave birth to you as you have done to me if you shelve your responsibility I’ll take you to the social welfare and you’ll be force to do so. Dad I am not a fool it is the social media age everything is transparent I know my rights. ”

“I’ll disown both of you mother and child no wonder you can give birth to such a rebellious daughter I’ll deal with her.”

“I have enough evidence to lock you up if you do anything funny.” Nyanga left enraged.
To be Cont.  

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