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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 38 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Dor She gave Neneh some ‘good’ advice. “Do something and get yourself occupied the idle mind is said to be the devil’s workshop. Let him open you a supermarket and all of us including our friends and fans will be encouraged to patronize you.”Neneh She thought hard and agreed. “I’ll speak to him and as I know his charming character he never says no to any genuine request I can defend and surely I can defend this.” Dor “That’s my girl I know you can do it for yourself and us.” In Bed She woke up Ken; “Can I speak to you?” She asked. Ken “Can it not wait until morning?” He begged. Neneh “No! It is urgent it cannot.” Ken “What is it?” He kept yawning and sleepy. Neneh “I want to work to keep myself busy, I am very bored.” Ken “But I give you a monthly allowance more than anything you can received from any gainful employment; please who will nanny our kids? Think about it your family first.” Neneh Dor’s arguments came into play. “God forbid what about when you pass on? As for the kids I can always find a good nanny from the village and Mama can help in that aspect.” Ken “What type of job are you thinking about?” Neneh “To open a supermarket for me and I know you can do it, my aunty friends promise to patronize me as well as their friends and fans.” Ken “Stop mentioning those rascals you call your ‘aunties’ and ‘friends’. I don’t buy that cheap merchandise. Anyway I have noted and will take care of it, just give me little more time to check on my wallet.” Neneh kissed her husband and went back to sleep with a great relief. At Dor’s Saloon Neneh gave feedback from their last discussion. “She has agreed to the idea and has asked me to give him little more time to check his wallet, plan and budget for it.” Dor She is not contented as she has an ulterior motive to cause discord and confusion in the couple marriage unbeknown to naive Neneh. “He should not think but act and action with immediacy; he has it let him spend it on his lovely wife. Press more and give him no breathing space.” Neneh “Will that not be termed nagging? When he said he will Ken will he is a perfect gentleman.” Dor She continued to cast doubt and confusion. “Seeing is believing, let him ‘liberate’ you from the four corners of the home wall. Let him empower you economically that’s all, are we asking much in that?” Neneh became further confused and doubted Ken’s sincerity. Neneh She now harassed Ken to act with immediacy until Ken protested. Ken “What is all this nagging about? Didn’t I say I’ll give it thought? To set a supermarket is not a child’s play, I have to make a business plan and give it to experts for advice, I am not going to adventure into any silly act and messed up myself for life; take my explanation or leave it that is your business.” Neneh She sulked and went into tantrums, Ken ignored her. She refused to cook fresh food and gave her children food from the fridge. Ken refused to react but instead went to a fast food joint and bought food for the family. Mama Ndungu She paid the family a visit when Ken invited her to comeand put sense into her daughter. She first invited her to his office and he briefed her. Ken “Neneh has changed overnight; I am definitely certain that those frustrated ‘married spinsters’ are frustrating and deceiving her. Mama please put some sense into Neneh because certainly she has lost her sense of reasoning.” Mama Ndungu She came and found her daughter at home and she was very surprised to see her. She felt surprised but suspicious. “But what a surprise! I rang yesterday but you did not tell me you are coming to visit; I hope everything is well?” Mama Ndungu “Is it a crime to visit my son and his family? I can come any time any day to check on my family.” Neneh served Mama her delicacy and the dialogue ensued as Mama encouraged Neneh to open up for her to know her mind. Neneh She opened up. “Mama I am bored I want to engage myself constructively.” Mama Ndungu “What do you mean?” Neneh “Precisely to go out there and work for my money.” Mama Ndungu “Have you discuss it with your husband?” Neneh “I do but he asked to be given more time to answer to my request for him to set up a supermarket for me.” Mama Ndungu “What is wrong about that? Is he not justified? Setting a supermarket is a big business which needs serious planning if one does not want it to fail.” Neneh She is frustrated by her mom. “Is he not your special son who can do no wrong, and your demi god?” Mama Ndungu “Be very careful how you talk to me I’ll not take any nonsense from you. “She rushed to slap her but she ran and luck herself in her room. Mama continued to raise her voice against her daughter. “You are a fool playing with fire; if you form the folly until you lose what you have you’ll be doomed for the rest of your life. Heed my words! You don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it.” Mama refused to stay and returned back to the village. At Home Mama became agitated as she remembered Dor’s warning. “Take heed if you see them come home exhausted behaving like mushrooms such tiredness mean one thing they have been sleeping around and are cheating on you.” Ken fitted the description as he came home exhausted and sleeping as a log. “Dor is right, is this not how Ken behaves every day when he comes home from work?” She woke him up. “Get up Ken! Are you cheating on me? Why do you always come home exhausted sleeping as a log? I talked to you about the supermarket and you promise to act, how long has it been now? Should I wait forever?” Ken “I’ve done the business plan and have received expert advice what is left now is to develop a strategy of how to raise the fund. This is what I can tell you and would not allow you to pressurize me in any way.” Neneh went into tantrums as she heaped insult and angry invectives upon her husband. Ken got up picked his things and went to the guest room and locked himself. To be Cont.]]>

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