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Seyii Tolof – Part 63 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah

He wanted to visit Dr. George but took cover when he saw his wife’s car in the clinic compound. Ti came out and drove away; panting out of breath he rushed to Dr. George’s office.
Scared to death he asked;
“Have you seen her?” He asked out of breath.

Dr. George
“See who?”
“My wife, I just saw her drove away from the clinic compound, we missed by split of whiskers; please Dr. George don’t give her information,” Gaa pleaded.
“I am a doctor bound by professional ethics; such sensitive information can only be disclosed by your consent if I do otherwise you can sue me and my institution to court. Be rest assured that she has not come to me and even if she does she will not be told anything; moreover, she is a woman who can come to visit Dr. Njie’s Gyaenic clinic.”

“That’s fine by me but please keep my secret.”

Dr. George
   “Gaa for how long would you keep the secret from your wife? She is your partner tell her your medical issue.”
“I’ll but at the right time just bear with me.”
“Just have the heart and time to tell her before it is late.”
“I’ll very soon.” Then he left.

At Home
Gaa drank to stupor. Kumuna came to him and he cuddled her, Man to me brought Baby Sorgi and he went to the pool side and played with him.

The other Family
Sohu and Saul enjoyed their fruit salad and vegetable diet as well as romance supporting each other they discussed about Gaa and Ti.
“I still cannot comprehend Gaa’s total transformation.” Sohu posited still guilty that she coaxed her friend into the marriage.

Mam Ndaxte
She rang her husband Prof. Mindorr and told him her nightmare.
“By the lord’s grace you would have been a widower by now. Gaa pushed me into their swimming pool when I went to put straight his naughtiness to my kid sis; this man is bush by all standard you could not believe that he refused to go to hospital when he was sick and finally he did when his mother finally came from the village and literally dragged him to clinic. He went for his results and when he returned hell got loose; incommunicado, trauma and all sorts of abuses meted out to his family. I never supported this marriage and I have been absolved. Come back soon I’ve missed you and how are our kids and their studies?”

Prof Mins
   “Just take it easy sweet heart and don’t allow Tida’s family kill you. Everybody is fine and I’ll soon be back.”

At the Village
Gaa visited the village and briefed Mama Sawdatou, she wept bitterly.
“You are my only surviving son and I cannot lose you now that I have you.” She held him very tight.

“You need to be courageous that’s why I’ve confided in you; first thing tomorrow morning we will go to the city and I’ll change all my documents into your name you have to take charge of all my assets and properties, nothing will happen to me I’ll be fine but am just being very cautious.”

She invited Sohu to her house and complained about her husband.
“I cannot get my husband. I tried all his numbers but no answer. He did not tell me anything. Sohu what did I do wrong in marrying this bushman? Why is he treating me as thrash?”
Sohu consoled her.
“Try again,” she urged her.

At the Village
She rang and it went through.
“Gaa! Is that you? Where are you I have tried you all day long.”

“I am at the village.
“At the village and you didn’t tell me? What have I done to you?” Ti yelled.
“Stop the nagging it is not a big deal.” He rang off.
“Why?” She turned to Sohu; “He rang off at my ear.” She sobbed bitterly

“Where is he?”
“At the village and he never told me, when I protested he rang off at my ear. Gaa is breaking my heart all the time, what sin have I committed Sohu?”

At the City
Unbeknown to his wife Gaa took Mama to the city and changed all documents into her name as his next of kin.

She reflected upon the good old days few years after their marriage when things were at their peak as Gaa beat all the skeptics among them Mam Ndaxte.
“He was so romantic and I did not regret marrying him, he serves me breakfast in bed, we did everything together as a family and Mama was so sweet! But what has gone wrong?” She kept asking herself, scratching her head but could not find an answer.

He came and invited Ti into his arms, she did without any question as she enjoyed romance which she was starved of for quite a while now.
“I am very sorry for stressing your life and I promise to be a better husband from hence forth.” Ti accepted and they ended up in bed.

Mam Ndaxte
She came and found a much relaxed home as the couple huddled each other.
“Your prodigal husband is back! He subdued and welcomed her.
“But you pushed me into the swimming pool Gaa, if not for God I would have died; a big loss to my family. What have I done wrong by allowing you marry my kid sister? You give her psychological and physical trauma treating her like thrash!”

   She is uneasy with Mam Ndaxte’s fiery temper as she tried to cool her down;
“It is okay sister, he has changed.”

Mam Ndaxte
“My love is not stupid but sensible ask my husband he knows, Gaa stop goofing my little sis’ heart, stop doing that, it is unacceptable!” She hissed and left.

At his office he kept on reflecting.
“How? When and where? I am not a player?”

Change for Better?
“Cook my favourite with chilled fresh fruit salad and vegetable! I’ll come home in time to enjoy both my wife and my food these two items special in a man’s life.” He hugged, kissed her and left.

To be Cont.



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