Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Seyii Tolof – Part 124 (Difficult Marriages – Saaye Njaalo) Diwane


By Amie Sillah

  He encouraged Mbaalo to divorce his wife.
“This is an evil woman divorce her and save your family. How could she do such a thing to a husband who gave her everything?”

“I wanted to take such an action but on second thought I changed my mind when I think about our nine old daughter Mbachu Girl I don’t want a step mother for her I also felt obliged since I impregnated her while she was a teenager and also every human being needs a second chance.

“You are an angel in comparison with your friend here who would have caused double murders and damn the consequences!”

“It is painful but has not warranted murder, she is not the only woman and I am not the only man period!”

She took Sengaan to his parents just to have quality time with her husband. She enjoys taking the slim tablets and according to her it is working and she felt satisfied.
“I’ll sooner than later win the affection and love of my husband again.” She posited quite satisfied with her progress.

She lay next to her husband but since the incident when he found her pants down which she is yet to know their relationship has become estranged. Mbaalo as a doctor became very sensitive thinking of STI’s any time he lay beside her in bed; the situation became very frustrating to Leena who has made every effort to be attractive to her husband but to no avail as he repulsed her at every move. She protested.
“Are you cheating on me? Why do you repulse my every move?”

 “Why do you ask me such a stupid question? Your cravings should answer you.” He turned his back to the other direction away from her. She hissed and went to the guest room enraged.
“Sex maniac!” He spat out.

Leena with Njombat
“Girlfriend I am losing it! My marriage is falling apart! Mbaalo despised me and repulsed my advances! What should I do? Who is drawing a wedge between me and my husband? I suspected he is having an affair, he does not care about me anymore and he stayed more time at home. As our relationship estranged all the more I craved for Diwane and am very sensuous when he touches me. It is ‘sweet poison’! I hate and love it at the same time it is sweet but can also kill me. What can I do to save my marriage?”

“Are you not an adult? You want adventure go ahead enjoy it as it lasts, make your choice is my candid advice.” She advised with hilarious laughter making a fun of the experience.

Her situation worsen as she became a sex maniac and the duo attracted to each other like drug addicts. They meet at various hotels just to have fun and whenever she wants to go home Diwane will pressurize her to stay.
“You started it and therefore have to finish it.” She will put up a feeble protest but would finally stay as our people say the mind is willing but the body is weak.

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