Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Senegal’s Wrestling Crown on the Line as Eumeu, Modou Lo Face-off


By Sulayman Bah

The Senegalese wrestling crown lies on the line on Sunday with its defender Eumeu Sene battling Modou Lo.

It’s a rematch meeting after their last fight seven years ago. Modou Lo reigned supreme in that clash, humiliating an exhausted Eumeu Sene.

Modou Lo humbled Eumeu with succession of blows who, for his poor physique conditioning, literally ran out of steam by the time the duel neared its end.

It was an encounter that got fans jumping off their seats as both displayed skills. For Modou, it was an occasion to put to show his inner trickery never before seen as an underrated fighter.

Pikine-based Sene had assumed a bulging physique intent on one thing –grab his adversary and bundle him down routed. He managed lifting Lo’s leg on two occasions.

Extraordinarily, Lo kept his cool in this daring posture without panicking, allowing Eumeu do his worst which, each time his opponent tries to throw him, he ends up failing spectacularly.

The sheer excitement of fans that followed in the wake of this action suggested collective approval of the showdown.

Lo wrapped up the combat holding a by now weary Eumeu by the hands and packaging him by the waist off to the ground.

The current king of arena had vowed to avenge his defeat and going by recent footage of him, he seems to have worked on his mobility to match his adversary’s agility. However, it remains to be seen whether Sene can achieve this on Sunday.

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