Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sanyang Community Applaud The Temporal Closure Of Fishmeal Factory


By Madiba Singhateh

The community of Sanyang have applauded the temporal closure of Nissim Fishmeal factory, after the recent announcement of the action by Government, from the Office of the President through the Press Secretary Amie Bojang Sisoho. The community of this coastal village said they have awaited this action from the Government of Adama Barrow for quite some time now, and it was better late than never for them. The community complained that the fish meal Company polluted their environment since inception and has rendered many gardens uncultivable, leading to their protest on the 30th June; that well before their protest, the National Assembly Select Committee on the Environment inspected the site, before Government came up with the closure of plant. The people of Sanyang said the Fishmeal Company has not observed due processes and proper conduct in their operations.

Speaking to Yusupha Jobe an Environmental activist, the action of Government on the Fishmeal factory, has been long overdue; that the site had to be closed down. Yusupha said several letters were written to various departments concerning the destruction done by the operations of the site, but no response was made; that this prompted them to protest for the site to be closed for six month regarding, if they go by the information of the State House press Secretary, Amie Bojang Sisoho; that what they even want is the permanent closure of the Company, because of the negative impact it has caused on the environment and health of the people.

The Secretary of the Environmental Network of Sanyang Village, Ousman Sanyang, said they now work to monitor the environment of village or any related activity that concerns Sanyang village.

Touring the women’s garden, this reporter saw plants that have been burnt due to the toxic waste that flowed inside the gardens, from the fishmeal factory. As a result of this, the women complain that they will lose a lot of income in years to come because the garden will not be cultivated in the immediate future. The women told this reporter that it is from the garden that they provide and fend for their families by paying the School fees of their children etc.

women’s garden

This reporter visited the fish meal plant and ascertained that work has been halted at the factory until the recommendation laid down by the NA Select Committee on the Environment, is met.

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