Wednesday, August 21, 2019



The education sector workers in the public service are also receiving salaries, just like the others, against a high cost of living and increasing dependency.

Directors are put at grade 11 with a salary amounting to 73,000 dalasi per annum or less than 7,000 dalasi per month. The Principal Education Officers are on grade 10 with a salsry amounting to 60,000 dalasi per annum or 5,000 per month; Senior Education Officers are put at grade 9, amounting to 54,000 Dalasi per annum or a bit more than 4,000 dalasi per month. Education Ofiicers are put at grade 8 which earns them 45,000 per annum or less than 4,000 dalasi a month.

Headmasters and mistresses receive grade 10 salaries amounting to 6000 dalasi per month; Deputy Headmasters have grade 8 salaries amounting to less than 4,000 dalasi per month; Senior Masters and HTC holders are put at grade 7 amounting to 36,000 dalasi per annum or 3,000 dalasi per month; Qualified


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