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Saayii Tolof Part 507 EPISODE 34 (Difficult Marriages – Two Great Friends ‘Yaafuse’ Careless and ‘Faagaru’ Careless)


At the Village
Kanbeng and Sonia
They went to see Faagaru he saw them and reacted angrily;
“What are you two doing here? Do you come to see my corpse? Get out of here before I do something I’ll regret, I don’t want to see your hypocrite face any more.” They were ashamed and they left in front of Maama who did not utter a word.

She came after the duo left and Faagaru welcomed her with open arms which gladdened Maama’ heart.

“You are a great friend and sister I am very grateful you believed in my innocence and fought hard to set me free without your great assistance and help an innocent man would have been hang for crimes he never committed.” He rose up and hugged her.

“You are embarrassing me I did what I was supposed to do as a good friend of the family.”

“You owe us no obligation you did it as a good will gesture and a good human being and I praise you for that, despite of ill treatment of your genuine love for me.”

“My love for you is true love.”

“Your type is rare and should not be taken for granted.” He kissed her hand.
Maama has hope;
“After all Faaga can accept her let me just keep on praying all mothers-in-law pray to have such daughters-in-law.”

Madame Eliza with Yaafuse
He opened up to his mother
“I have totally lost to Faaga Sonia threw me out she does not want to set her eyes upon me, I am totally confuse what to do next?”

Madame Eliza
“Go out there and get any lady you still have two weeks.” She consoled her son.

At Sonia’ Mansion
“I have lost my genuine love he loved me at my time of need he did not care about my physical condition why didn’t I believe him? My love life is over he now hates me he does not want to see me.”

She felt guilty
“My sister you are noble you do not want your only sibling to feel insecure you sacrifice your love for my happiness I push you to take action against Faaga I accused an innocent man.” She sobbed and felt guilty.

“It is okay sister it was also not your fault we were all trick by the identical lookalike as we never imagine Faaga was an identical twin take it easy upon yourself.”

Maama and Faaga
“Labir is your God given wife you have seen with your naked eye what she has done to vindicate and free you this is the type of woman every mother prays to have as a daughter-in-law.”

“Were you eavesdropping our conversation?”

“If I do so what? Am I not saying the truth? Labir is your God given wife why are you hesitating to make her one? Why do you hate her so much? What has she done to you? Even if she has committed a grave mistake please forgive her we always pray to God to forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

“Labir has done nothing to me and I owe her no grudge she is a special friend and sister and it cannot go beyond that Maama can you get it! Our friendship is platonic and not passionate am very sorry about that.”

At Yaafuse Mansion
She was summoned by Yaafuse and he sang praises to her and apologized for his stupidity;
“Forgive my trespass and how I have treated you a lady so many things were going through my mind.” He gave a broad smile.

She surprised him with her mature response;
“I have forgiven you we all make mistakes are we not human?”

He stooped before her;
Anger protested;
“You cannot do that Chief’ son that is my curse I heard you and have accepted your apology.”

She became very happy and relieved,
“Thank you for forgiving me.” He dipped into his pocket and took out a diamond ring and asked Anger and take out her finger she hesitated but later showed him her occupied finger with an engagement ring Yaafuse panicked and was lost of words,
“What! Are you….?” Before he finished his sentence Anger spoke;

“Yes Yaa I am engaged last week and hope to marry my Doctor friend next month we both work in the same hospital I am the new Matron and he is the head of our hospital. You rejected and embarrassed me in front of the whole community when I did nothing to deserve such a treatment God the Almighty heard an orphan cries and wipe my tears thank you very much for re-considering me but it is late bye-bye and good luck.”
Anger left in dignity as she came.
Yaafuse wept bitterly and said;
“What is happening to me has the chicken come home to roost?”
To be Cont.

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