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Saayii Tolof Part 506 EPISODE 34 (Difficult Marriages – Two Great Friends ‘Yaafuse’ Careless and ‘Faagaru’ Careful)


He narrated the sort of brutalities he was subjected to in the various forms of torture;
“Maama these people were wicked to me I was beaten blue black to a pulp like a bag of flour dough they were masked and beat me all over my body it is still paining they wanted to kill me to them I was their criminal a nobody;”
“We are going to kill you here and nothing will come out of it we are in the system until doomsday ‘the untouchable’;
I was scared and thought I would never come out alive! But why the secret? Why didn’t you tell me I am an identical twin? Didn’t I have the right to know at least for once? For this once reason you are part of my problem and I am very angry with you. I need warm bath and a good massage.”

She wept bitterly and said;
“let me go and get the warm water and I’ll massage you later.”

“Who is my father? I thought throughout school it was Uncle Umpa.”

“I am very sorry my son I was very helpless when my parents threw me out as a teenager they refused me to marry your dad who was of poor lineage a ‘nobody’ they call him; his parents were poor farmers from the country side and he was a deportee from Europe he came with little money and became the ladies’ choice but very indiscipline he drinks heavily and smoked Indian Hemm my parents loath him on sight and forbid me to meet him but I disobeyed them by seeing him secretly. ‘Love is blind’ a folly of youthful exuberance I never gave a damm about the future it was now and now alone. I deliberately got pregnant for him to spite my parents I call them arrogant at that material time they saw afar while I saw the now and the now alone. I was thrown out because my parents were devout Christians my dad was a deacon in the church how can he tolerate a wayward daughter? Uncle Umpa took me in against my parents’ wishes and I was very grateful; I left school Grade Nine but your dad asked me to abort you when I told him I was pregnant for him;
“I am not ready to father a child am sorry.”
I protested; ‘never! I am from a Christian family my dad is a deacon but what about if I lose my life committing abortion what would I tell  God?’
‘tell him I do it for love.’
‘No way!’
Uncle Umpa told him the truth and threatened him;
‘I risk relationship with my brother and his wife to support your relationship do you want to make me a laughing stock in the midst of my peers? I’ll deal with you with ‘black magic’ I’ll destroy your life.’
He was scared to death and has to comply we got married in a simple church wedding and I gave birth to you.
Uncle Umpa continued to support us financially, morally and spiritually then one day I discovered a bombshell about your father he came home severely wounded on his shoulder and blood oozing profusely I was scared to death;
“let me take you to the hospital.” l advised but he declined;
‘No! Go to the cupboard there is the first aid kit dressings are there bring them and dress me.’
I was not convinced and I tried to persuade him but he scolded me;
‘let me be am I a kid? I am not your child but your husband.’
I was not convinced I kept some pain killers and I gave him some he slept very well but for curiosity purposes I perused through his clothes and what did I see foreign money of all denominations small and large case I yelled and went and woke him;
“What is this? I asked.’ He was drowsy and answered me vaguely;
‘you pussy cat you ask too much it is my money that’ what I can answer. I am in pain let me rest.’
I left him in bed and went to confirm my suspicion I went to the cupboard  and got the answer to what I was searching for there in the corned under some clothes was a brand new gun I was scared;
‘a gun! What is Augustus doing with a gun?’
I went to wake him up;
‘get up Augustus sleep no more sleep has escape you get up and answer my pertinent question!
a gun! What are you doing with a gun? The other day I found a lot of foreign currency in your wallet and today a gun are you an armed robber? Who are you?  My parents cursed our marriage but I still took it lightly my food business prosper even though you help me with the initial capital I take care of our family I manage I am not complaining we can live honourably well I am a manager never wasteful what do you want?’
He dodged my questions and start to attack me;
‘Why do you search my things busy body I’ll deal with you.’
‘Is there a secrecy between husband and wife? I am clean and innocent I have sacrifice everything for you a rich man proposed to marry me with all privileges for myself and my family but I rejected him for the sake of my blind love for you I would have been the 11th wife but with comfort and luxury but I refused my parents disown me and curse our marriage you have now make their curse happen due to your disorganization I am quitting the marriage I can never marry an armed robber I am taking my children I don’t want them to become armed robbers.’ You were on my back but your twin brother was sleeping on the bed. Your dad took the gun and threatened to shot at us but I hid he searched everywhere but cannot see us he threatened to act if we were seen;
‘Thank your stars you would not have come out dead you burger you want to  betray me?  You want to betray me? You are lucky to take one the other is mine.’
I hid in the cellar and tight your mouth until he was gone locking everywhere taking along your twin partner Faagara with him I hurriedly left with you going back to uncle Umpa’ abode my parents refused to accept me back as the prodigal son of the Bible Uncle Umpa took good care of us and treated you as one of his identical twin boys my son this is our story.’

“Is father still alive?”

“No I heard he died in one of his robbery missions as for your twin brother since 30 years ago I never heard about him especially when your father is no more until of recent when they mistook him for you I’ll attend his court just to have one glimpse of him as a mother who was deprived of her son and his evil father turn him into an armed robber you would have been like him if I left you behind. Don’t be hard on your brother circumstances made him what he is.” The duo embraced in emotional tears.
To be Cont.      

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