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Saayii Tolof Part 505 EPISODE 34 (Difficult Marriages – Two Great Friends ‘Yaafuse’ Careless and ‘Faagaru’ Careful)


At the Station
Lawyer Joof
He explained his discovery to S.O;
“Faagaru is an identical twin his twin partner Faagara is responsible for all the atrocities meted out to the community please I’ll show you his hideout so that Faagaru will be absolved and set free from crimes he has never committed.”

“Are you sure of what you are telling me? Then what are we waiting for an innocent person is out to suffer what he has not done.”

At the Hide Out
The Anti-Crime Squad surrounded the Hide Out  and arrested all the Criminals found at sight the absentees were described and tracked down through their Smart Phones for once the Community praised the Police and made a big sigh of relief.

Yaafuse and Sonia
He came and begged her to give him a chance;
“Please give me a chance to love and marry you without you there will be no other woman.”

“I know but so many things have happened to me in so short a time I need time to think before I get into any intimate relationship again.”

He insisted and stoop before Sonia;
“Please help me my inheritance and father’ position depend on it our tradition demands I have to marry to take my father’ position and also his inheritance as an only son I waited for you all this while rejecting all suitors please have pity on me if you reject my proposal I’ll be doomed forever.”

She pushed away from him;
“So I see it is not love but inheritance and Chieftaincy position? To hell with your proposal you rejected me when you think I am a cripple now you know I am not you came back and is persistent when you know I am a Billionaire what sort of man are you? I prefer to be single and nurse my past memorable events I enjoyed with Faaga despite his misfortune our relationship was enjoyable while it lasted good bye and good luck I don’t want to disrespect you get out of my office premises never to be seen here again!” He lingered shamelessly pleading but she asked the guards to throw him out as she entered her office with disgust.

At the Mansion
Madame Eliza
She came to Chief who remained mute very angry with her;
“My husband! Why are you cool towards me? What were you talking with the Elders they visited this early morning with stern faces what have they come to say this early morning I hope everything is well?”

“Thanks to you and your son it is a disgrace our family line is going to lose the Chieftaincy title which will go to the next family line if I die your useless son Yaafuse will not inherit the Chieftaincy title as I have inherited from my father through our ancestors shame on him and you who supported him in all his follies in the name of love and preference. His downfall came when he rejected Sonia as crippled and you supported him now make it very clear if he loses the Chieftaincy Title due to his Carelessness he’ll not inherit a dime when I die all my money will go to the Charities dear to my heart no irresponsible son will benefit where he did not sow.” Chief left behind Madame Eliza who was frightened and speechless since she married Chief about 30 years ago she has never seen him in this rage.

Sonia visited the Station Officer Jagne to ask about the case;
“How is the case going on?” Sonia asked.
“Could you believe what I am about to say?”

She was curious;
“Go on and say it I am all ears.’

S.O Jagne
“Faagaru did not commit the crime it was his identical twin partner Faagara who did before I’ll say anything let us go and you see for yourself.” The duo visited the cell and Faagara was seen exact carbon copy of Faagaru.

“Jesus! He is a carbon copy of his twin brother unbelievable!” They went back to S.O. Jagne’ office.
“I am done! I have accused the wrong person he is a perfect man why didn’t I believe him?”

S.O .Jagne
“It is not only you but all of us Faagaru can sue us and he’ll be right if he does. We have apologized and prayed to God Allah to forgive us but they are so alike just like being colooned. Sonia is greatly disappointed and said to herself;
“Faagaru would never forgive me I have lose a great friend and lover he love me without reservation at my time of need.” She wept.

Madame Eliza
Yaafuse went straight to his mother who scolded him;
“Your dad is very angry he chided me for supporting you in your follies and he is right he is enraged I’ve never seen him in this mood since I married him some 30 years ago any way the Elders were here early in the morning they now gave you two weeks to marry or you lose the chieftaincy Title forever away from your father’ clan to the next clan in succession shame to you if you lose this chance you act as if you are under a curse he also said if by de fault you lose the Chieftaincy you’ll not inherit a dime from him all his wealth will go to charity dear to his heart. Now it is left to you I have done my best for you as my only child and son for that matter. Go out there and marry any girl you meet just to secure your inheritance.

Yaafuse is in deep thought;
“What am I going to do?” He asked aloud.

She went home dejected with guilt she went into her room Kanbeng came and asked about the case;
“What is happening? Has Faagaru not been charged to court?”

She exploded at her;
“Kanbeng! We have arrested the wrong person!”

“How? Was I blind not to know who has violated me and took away my wallet?”

“It was Faagara not Faagaru who robbed and raped you Faaga is an identical twin which I never know it was not your fault these two people are just like kola nut, bean seed so identical that you cannot separate them I saw Faagara who is now in custody Faagaru has been released.”

“Are you serious? What are we going to do now? I regretted accusing the wrong person.”

“Faagaru my love! Will he ever forgive me?” She is very sad.
“How can I face him after all these brutalities? Oh God fix it for me!” She prayed.
To be Cont.   

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