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Saayii Tolof Part 485 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)


Chief is hallucinating seeing things alone and speaking to people he is drinking but suddenly choke;
“He is choking me leave me alone! Leave me alone!” He struggled hard and tried to disentangle the invisible fingers as he spoke loudly and asked to be left alone.

She woke up in cold sweat and ran to Chief’ room which is next to hers;
“Chief! What is it? Is it you I heard screaming? What is it? Are you okay?” She was panicky.

He gave her courage;
“It’ okay Queen of my heart I am very fine go back to sleep.”
Taaru hesitated but finally said;
“Take it easy my husband all shall be well thank you.” She left.

The Notorious Abu’ Gang
They stole from the Village ‘Jallang’ and started behaving funny acting mad villagers gossiped and ran away from them.

“God is alive these people are being paid in their own coin, stealing, robbing the innocent, gang raping girls but whenever the poor villagers report them to Chief they got Scot free because they masked themselves when doing the horrendous acts but God has given his decision and their madness is incurable.” Alpha remarked.

“It served them right, these devils gang raped my cousin she almost died from the incident I would have killed them but my friend Jeim prevented me and said they almost raped his sister Doilu but backed by Pa Tapy when Abu his son was involved Chief free them from the case.”

He has many questions to ask Pa Tapy;
“Why is Taaru’ husband trying to choke me? I have given out lot of charity to appease his spirit.”
He called one of the assassin to go and called Pa Tapy for him.

At Pa Tapy’ House
Abu has also gone mad together with his gang they went at different directions Abu headed to his house and demonstrating funnily the guards met him in that situation and searched for Pa Tapy.

Killer 1
“Pa Tapy! Where are you?” They called his name and searched inside out and he was nowhere to be seen.

Pa Tapy
As they were about to alight to their car Pa Tapy arrived and found the scene bewildered he yelled;
“Abu! What has happened to you? This is the result of smoking Indian Hem didn’t I warn you?”

He rushed and toast his dad in the air caught him mid-air and whirled around with him;
“Useless man your evil deeds land me to such a predicament I am going to kill you!”
He ran around the compound mishandling his dad who cried for help.

Pa Tapy
“Don’t stand there helplessly staring at him he is mad and will kill me if you don’t help me.”

The Guards
They got alerted and took charge;
Abu got wrestled down and Pa Tapy was pulled out from his firm grip he almost died gasping for fresh air.

Pa Tapy
“Abu want to kill me please take him to the mental shed and tied him there.”

“I am not mad let me go!”
He was disabled and squeezed in boot and locked.

Killer 1
“Chief send for you he is waiting let’ go.”

Pa Tapy
“I hope I am safe and everything is okay?”

“Chief will tell you, drive fast!” He instructed the driver.

Dra and Scorpi
The duo went to different directions lost at the market place.

He was admitted at the Mental Asylum.
“He will get well if the people he offended forgive him if not he’ll die mentally derailed.” The asylum keeper told Pa Tapy afterwards.

Pa Tapy brought a Soothsayer to interpret the hallucination;
“You have aggrieved a man to meet his early grave and he is very angry with you.”

“What charity is needed to appease his angry spirit?”


He asked him to bring difficult things but Chief asked him to try and bring them and his efforts will be rewarded handsomely.


“I’ll give you D100, 000. 00 for everything just ensure this evil spirit leave me in peace.”
The Soothsayer promised to do just that.

Pa Tapy
Is jealous and said in his mind;
“I brought this rag-tag man and Chief paid him this huge sum of money and as for me the most I get from him was just D20, 000. 00 this is unfair.”


He asked to be shown the spirit’ graveyard. Pa Tapy volunteered to show him the place.

At Buge’ Work Place

General Manager Taa

He struggled with Buge

“You cannot disrespect me you have to reciprocate I am not your slave.”


“Do you talk to me like that? Get out you are fired!”

General Manager

“Thank you I’ll leave I started this company from scratch with Chief you came last at it’ peak and decided to fire me for no reason I take it in good faith God is watching.”

He went to his office and packed everything and left with heavy heart he bade farewell to his workers

Who wept as small children.


He called his workers and bluffed;

“I don’t give a dam whoever play bull shit will be fired!”

The Workers

They held a strike at Taa’ ill treatment Buge was forced to bring him back but Taa thanked the

Workers but declined;

 General Manager

“I am employed with more responsibilities and better pay tell Buge that if a distractor closes

The door Almighty God opens many doors and windows I work for Buge’ Conglomerate with clean

heart and clean hands thank you for your concern and appreciation.”
To be Cont.

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