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Saayii Tolof Part 472 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)


Sleeping at the Sofa
Taaru relaxed at the sofa Che her brother-in-law came from his room and stood admiring her body then he said;

“My brother was enjoying all this beauty by himself why shouldn’t I enjoy the same now that he’ dead?” Then he started caressing her thighs then to her breast Taaru screamed and sat up;

“What are you doing pervert? A mourning woman! Your brother’ widow for that matter? Are you well? No respect for your dead brother?” She hissed.

“Is it a crime to admire my property? My brother is dead and according to tradition you are now mine I need you and now!”

As a dignified woman she pushed Che and he fell upon the floor and hit his waist bone and screamed;
“You are a witch! Do you want to kill me? Give it to me and now!” They fought and Taaru bit his breast and he ran out of the room.

“Be ready for me it is mine and I have to take it by force.”

The Chief’ Messengers
The Killers brought a lot of foodstuff;
“This is for you from Chief.”

“Thank you very much I do appreciate.” Killer One gave her a fat brown envelop;
“this is also for you.”
She check and it was fifty thousand dalasi cheque Taaru smiled she became happy and excited.
The foodstuff was packed full at the verandah; the cheque was accompanied by a letter.

The letter
“Take heart and take care of yourself God gives and takes and as his children we always praise him for whatever he does. Accept my condolence for your deep loss also feel free to ask for my help whenever you need it. I love you and want to make you happy at all times.
Taaru read and reread it over and over again with amusement whenever she reads it.

He came from his farm Taaru greets him but he refused to answer her;

“He refused to answer to my greetings it is his business but I’ll fight him at all cost, what a cheek he did not even respect my mourning dress! He does not want to talk to me who wants to talk to him?” She hissed.

He is contemplating holding Taaru in his arms and making love to her he smiled;
“I love this woman it is not lust but love I want to have her all to myself and for life. She is mine she has to be mine am I not the King?”

At night Taaru cannot sleep but thinking about Chief’ proposal;
“What should I do? I am confused would I be seen as an opportunist if I refuse Che? Please God help me take the wisest decision.”

She visited her and was surprise;
“Are you going back to market so soon? I thought you’ll wait after the 40 days charity?”

“Of course it is Chief’ gifts he sent it through his two guards to me.”

Raised eye brows;

“Hold my baby let me show you his letter.”

“Letter? Now you exchange letters with him? This relationship is developing stronger are you hiding anything from me?”

She gave Hanju the letter;
“Am not hiding anything from you read for yourself.”

She read and exclaimed;
“Chief cares and he is rich marry him and escape from poverty if Che asks for your daughter contest it and Chief will help you have custody leave her with your mother and send them alimony Che is not your class ordinary farm how can he be compared with a Chief with companies and career children? Say yes my friend I can never deceive you.”

He came earlier tiptoed and eavesdropped the friends and heard everything but waited for Taaru’ reply.

“Hanju! Are you encouraging me to marry Chief and ignore Che? How would society hold me will I not be described as being an opportunist?”

“Should you care what society says? They kin talk na so then tan see your interest and live by it.”

“I will ponder over it all that glitters is not gold our people say.”

“Never marry that stupid fool why was he not married all this while? If you marry him you’ll regret for the rest of your dear life.”

“That’ a good point I’ll think about it.”

The Surprise
He came out of his hiding and confronted the duo;
“Don’t think about anything you are my inheritance and can never marry any other person even if he is a president unless I say so, so forget about it.”

Then he turned to Hanju
“Big mouth gossip! The adviser, counselor who ask you to come to our home and spread confusion? You have overstayed your welcome get up and leave immediately never to come again.”

Hanju hesitated;
“Is it by force to marry her against her will? I’ll stay I come to my friend and not to you useless man.”

“Wait for me I am coming for you.”
He went into his room and brought out his machete and ran after Hanju.

She protested,
“What are you doing Che leave my friend she has come to me and not you why did you eavesdrop our chat? It is your business whatever you hear.”
To be Cont.

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