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Saayii Tolof Part 471 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)


Jeim and Doilu
Doilu accompanied her brother to go to the bush to collect firewood for cooking.

At Refet’ Castle
Buge came with his sister Beew as they were entering the Castle Refet’ brother Taaw saw and stopped Beew;

“who is this beautiful mermaid entering my Castle? Did I see you somewhere in a movie or what? I’ve never see such a beauty waaw! Who are you?”

She is overwhelmed to be adorned by a handsome guy;
“I am Beew Buge’ kid sister.”

“I would want us to be friends and we can start from there.”

She smiled and said;
“Your wish is my command.” It was love at first sight for both of them.

The Hoodlums
As Doilu parted with his brother she said;
“Jeim I have to go home to help Maama prepare the food for lunch and she needs the firewood as yesterday am going before you.”

“I have to pluck some palm nuts for the Saturday soup you can go before me am on my way.”

Abou saw Doilu and sprang upon her as a leopard he tore her dress and they fought he fell her down and tried to rape her Doilu bit his stomach and he screamed as Dragon and Scorpion came to his aid Jeim arrived and fought them Doilu ran for dear life and the hoodlums injured Jeim with their machetes and ran away.

Maama Goom
She was dazzled when she saw Doilu with torn dress and injury all around her body;
“What happen were you attacked by a wild animal?”

She wept bitterly and narrated her experience;
“Abou and his criminal gang attacked and tried to rape me I fought back and Jeim came on time and save me from them. They wound him with their machetes.”

Maama Goom
She took warm water and salt and clean Jeim’ fresh wound;
“My God will punish the hoodlums they shall never know peace and will perish as wretched animals. How do you know that it was Abou and his criminal gang?”

“They did it at day break unmasked.”

“She is correct Maama they now attack people unmask and at day break.”

At Chief Sohoor Court
Chief is in Council with his Elders
Maama Goom and her children came to report Assault and Attempted Rape Case;

“As I was coming from the bush with firewood I came across Abou and his notorious gang Abou first attacked me tore my dress and tried to rape me I fought him then his gang boys Dragon and Scorpion helped him to enable him to rape me but my elder brother Jeim came on time and fought them then ended being injured by their machetes.”

“She lied that never happened I did not even see her.”

“He lied he tried to rape me and I fought him then Jeim came and rescued me and they attacked him with their machetes.”

“Doilu do you have a witness?”

“Jeim is my witness and his wound is the evidence.”

“Abou who is your witness? What you are being accused of is a heinous crime and when you are convicted in a magistrate court your sanction would be very heavy and the complaints against you is numerous now.”

“My witnesses are Dragon and Scorpion.”

Maama Groom
“Partners in crime how can they witness for each other does the law allow that?”

“Since it was just an attempt I shall give you a second chance you are an intelligent fellow Abou make good use of  your time and talent stop all this childish nonsense.”

The Elders
They were not please with the judgment but cannot say anything the court disperse.

Going Home
Pa Tapale
“Why did you try to rape  a commoner? Next time rape Beew the Chief’ daughter if you impregnate her tradition would force Chief to marry his daughter to you and we will be close to power and become rich.”

He could not believe his ears;
“So you approve of my deed?”

Pa Tapale
“You are a young man who can sow wild oats and multiply our lineage but do it with the rich to escape poverty not a curse poor family.”

“I was scared of imprisonment.”

Pa Tapale
“Don’t mind my son your dad is an ‘untouchable” in this community where Chief Soohor reigns.”

Deputy Pa Bernard Worsack
He stayed back and voice out his concern.
“Chief to be frank I have to voice my opinion you know me now.”

“Speak out Worsack everyone knows you for speaking out your mind that’ why I chose you as my Deputy I am all ears.”

Pa Worsack
“You were not fair to your niece Abou is as guilty as guilt itself he is a rascal and he and his gang are a menace to this society at least a small fine would have been better than going Scott free as for his witnesses they are partners in crime unacceptable to law.”

He thought about what Tapale has done for him ‘a good turn deserves another’ and as for his brother’ family they are curse he can never give them any favour;
“It is a democratic society and you are free to your opinion but I am also entitle to my opinion Doilu is my niece let me worry about her about their family thank you, you can now leave I have heard you.”

He came with his fiancée Refret and the family welcomed her with love and grace.

Anita and Hanju
They came to visit their friend and counseled her;
“How are you doing and baby Sagaar?” They donated her some cash.

“Thank you very much a friend in need is a friend indeed. I have to stay a while before I go back to business after the 40 days charity as custom demands.”
To be Cont.

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