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Saayii Tolof Part 461 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – Hatred ‘Baanyel’ Mother-in-Law, Step-Son ‘Dommi Jitle’)


He fell into Maama’ trap as Hoyan was all over him forcing him to marry her;
“Don’t force me to marry you give it time ‘due process’ Lolly was everything to me I gave her my life but what has she done to me get herself impregnated by my best pal how can you guarantee that you’ll be different from her? Let give it time to know each other.”

She was displeased but pretended to cope;
“What will be will be I’ll wait for Allah’ time.” She smiled and ken shook his head in approval of her decision.

She drew Hoyan near and send her on errands just to impress Ken she also shown her how to cook Ken’ delicacies;
“To get a man’ heart is the bed and his stomach my son likes delicious dishes.”

Guilty conscience is killing her as she watched her mom disgustingly.
“Look at this wicked woman she is so unfair why does she hate Lolly this much? What about if my mother-in-law is like my mom? For sure I’ll kill her. Dad is right what goes around comes around!”

He came and found Hoyan;
“Who is this dazzling damsel mom?”

Maama Njemeh
“Don’t you know her? She is Hoyan my best pal daughter I would have match make you together but I love Njetty she is a good daughter so Hoyan is for Ken your elder brother.” Then Burang asked Maama to be alone with her.

“Does Ken like her before you make elaborate arrangements?”

Maama Njemeh
“He does that why I am making the elaborate arrangements.” Burang laughed loudly.

Paapa Taanor
He came in a hurry and found his family in merriment he scolded them;
“Your mother is poisoning your minds Lolly is critically ill and at home if anything happen to that innocent soul you’ll all be dead her blood will be upon you all!”

Maama Njemeh
She continued talking and laughing as if Paapa did not say anything.

He is worried he does not want her sister to die as Lolly shivered they gave her drugs to calm her.

She reflected upon Paapa’ words as she sat alone in the garden;
“Paapa is right I have to do something but what?” She thought hard.

As Lolly’ temperature rose up Yadi went to find a cab which took her to hospital accompanied with Mam Mbissine.

She saw Ken in his car and she stopped him;
“Brother I want to talk to you?”

“Talk to me enroute it has to be something serious why not wait until I come home?”

“it is very serious I cannot talk about it at home.”

“Okay sis I am all ears start talking.”

“It is about your wife Lolly!”

“What about her? What happen to her? Is she alright? I am anxious spill the bin.”

“it was a setup all lies your wife Lolly is an angel all of us were happy when we heard you were dead she was the only one who disbelieved and asked for your corpse she refused to mourn for you Burang battered her all the time one time she was even put in cell when she struggled with Burang who was squandering our sold assets. The pregnancy is yours bring her back mom is match making you to a strange girl who is a flirt I know her in the street just for her selfish interest; I reflected upon Paapa’ advice I am now your real sister I don’t want to be fake like Maama and Burang.”

“Are you sure of what you are saying? Will you say    the same in front of them?”

“Yeas brother I am a change person and would never tolerate an in-law such as Maama. We did so much nasty things against your innocent wife Joe is a real friend he was the shoulder she leaned on in your absence.”

He wept and drove with speed to his home accompanied by Maget.

At Home
Ken drove in with speed which almost scared everyone.
“Maget please say what you told me inside my car.” Both Maama and Burang scared to death in unison the duo said;
“Maget! What did you say to Ken? I hope you know what you are doing?”

“Maget let no person on earth intimidate you dad and myself are here to protect you.”

She got the courage of protection and spoke out and said everything;
“It was a big conspiracy against your innocent wife the unborn baby is yours we all rejoiced at your death except Paapa and Lolly in fact we all believed you were dead except Lolly who up to the last moment asked for your corpse before she would put on a mourning dress. Paapa’ words changed me I don’t want to have a mother-in-law such as mom I would kill her.”

The duo were shocked;
“Maget is possessed Ken don’t believe what she told you.”

To be continued

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