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Saayii Tolof Part 449 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – Hatred ‘Baanyel’, Mother-in-Law ‘Gorro’, Step-Son ‘Dommi Jitle’)


Maget with Njetty
The duo gossiped about Lolly and Njetty told Maget that she saw Lolly and Jo-Jo in an uncompromising position.

“I knew it that lady is not innocent at all and how she moves with Jo-Jo is questionable.”

Lolly at her Mother’ Home
    “Jo-Jo is right it is very wrong to take your brother-in-law to court how would society label you? Settle the family problem out of court,” Mam Mbissine advised.

He was present and skeptical as usual;
“Ken is dead you should stop antagonizing his family Burang is right by utilizing his assets hence he has no child by you we are Africans for God sake.”

Mam Mbissine
She became pist off and scolded her son;
“Why do you always want to put down your sister? Ken is not dead can you show us his body?”

She hissed and refused to reply to Yadicone whom she see as negative and in awe of the class.
“Mam I am not a widow and am very happy that you understand me and that’ what matters to me.”

“Mam be truthful to God and tell your daughter to accept the truth and be submissive to her in-laws who can throw her out and she’ll come back to poverty.”

“Poverty is your portion and not me back to sender I believe in myself unlike you who looks down upon yourself. Don’t create problems for me which does not exist I don’t need your negative contribution what I need now is positive energy which Mam is giving me abundantly.”

“My contribution is frank it is not needed let me leave in peace.”
The duo hissed and he left grumbling.

“Mam I’ll never come back to this house your stupid son always provokes me my husband is not dead I’ll fight for him in his absence.”

The Conspiracy on Lolly
Mom and Maget spoke about Lolly in a derogatory manner accused her of adultery flirting with Jo-Jo Ken’ best pal she was devastated;

Maama Njemeh
“You evil adulterous woman you are sleeping with Jo-Jo Ken’ best friend don’t you think we won’ find out we did somebody saw you in a compromising situation deny it!” Maget concurred with her mom.

“You duo are evil I won’t answer you.”

Maama Njemeh
“Burang has to come from the cell, sold his brother’ car is that an offence? Are you not an outsider here don’t you understand the saying ‘blood is thicker than water?”

Paapa Taanor
“Let Lolly be she has done nothing wrong by asking for accountability and transparency about her husband’ properties she has done what a good wife does in the absence of her husband; you are spoiling these children and this would surely affect them in the future mark my words!”

Maama Njemeh
“You rejected them but I won’t they are my children.” Then she turned to Lolly and threatened;
“You are not sleeping here until my son comes back.”

Paapa Taanor
“Says who?” He protected Lolly by obstructing Maama until Lolly entered her room and locked it behind her Maget tried to hold her back but she pushed her along the way and she fell down and screamed.
They went to the door banged hard but Lolly ignored them.

The Duo
“Open the door!”
Lolly refused to open.

The Duo
“We will wait here until you come out and we will fight you be ready for us.” They yelled.

At the Police Station
Jo-Jo bailed Burang and brought him home Paapa thanked his kind gesture and he preached peace in the family especially at this trying times when Ken is still missing but Maama took offence to accuse him of sleeping with Lolly;

Maama Njemeh
“All that glitters is not gold we are now all aware of what is going underground.”

He took offence;
“I was the one who made Lolly let go of everything; Burang is evil minded he stole Ken’ cars and squandered the money gained from the proceeds Lolly I am out of here.” He left.

Lolly she walked out to see Jo-Jo off but he has already left she came back into the house. Paapa counseled her;
“You never informed me that Jo-Jo was invited into the drama but all the same just take it easy with these people Ken has a lot of wealth in the form of assets all over the place but we can only talk about it after the funeral I am not happy with what is happening in my house.”

“There would be no funeral Ken is not dead it is a conspiracy which will be revealed in no distant future.”

Back to the Village

Relatives Assembled
Lolly went again for the supposed charity to honour the dead but she refused to wear any mourning dress which became talk of the town others blaming her and others supporting her;

Supporters of her Action
“Lolly was never part of any funeral arrangement Maama and her children pronounced Ken’ death but cannot produce any body.

Grave of the Unknown
Maama went to the unknown grave and threw libation there;
“Wicked son even in death you are tormenting us rot in hell!” She spat at it.

She hid and saw everything when Maama left she went to the grave and threw libation there;
“I don’t know who you are but not my husband you can never be him stranger!”

He became rude to the family supporters of Lolly’ stance and wanted to force them see his view point when the relatives asked for clarification he asked them out of the village family property.

Uncle Taam
“Thank you for insulting us we are out of here we cannot solve your family problems.”

She insulted Lolly
“She must have bribed them to take her side.”

He went into tantrums;
“Your days are numbered just take your time Lolly mark my words.”

Paapa Taanor
“You have no case to answer go inside the house.” Lolly went into the house
To be Cont.

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