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Saayii Tolof Part 446 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – Hatred ‘Baanyel’, Mother-in-Law ‘Gorro’, Step Son ‘Dommi Jitle’)


he prayed two ‘rakas’ she asked God to bring back her husband;
“Allah the greatest! It is a conspiracy of the enemy please bring back my husband he is not dead bring him back to me oh Lord show me the way.”

Lolly at Mam Mbissine’ Home
 “Mother through revelation I’ve come to know that it is a conspiracy my husband is not dead he is alive.”

Mam Mbissine
To calm her nerves she said;
“I believe you my daughter just take it easy upon yourself and stick to your belief.”

   “Mother please tell your daughter the truth.”

Mam Mbissine
“What is the truth my son that am not telling my daughter?”

“The truth is that Kenbugul is dead, dead and Lolly must be told the truth let her stop the hallucination.”

“Talk to your dehumanize son he has no faith and look down upon himself I am unlike him I am a sovereign person and I am sure of what I am talking about my Ken is not dead he is alive. Burang and myself have to visit the accident scene to ascertain for myself.”

Mam Mbissine
She concurred;
“That is a good move to satisfy yourself.”

Maama Njemeh
Burang used the second car and Maama Njemeh is very happy and encouraged him all the move.
“How did you manage to get the key from that witch?”

“Trust me mom it was a condition she wanted to visit the accident scene at all cost how are we to get there? She was forced to give me the car to take us there.

Maama Njemeh
She gave her ‘five’;
“That’ my son you are so intelligent try and get the third one which will be mine. While alive Ken was wicked to us now he is dead we will enjoy his wealth.”

Mam Mbissine and her Children
“Why does my opinion not matter in this family? What is the use of me attending family meeting?”

Mam Mbissine
“You are afraid of the Class your condescension weakens us as a family hence that’ your opinion please don’t attend our family meeting until you feel strong. I have to be strong for my daughter. You are an opportunist you want your sister to ask Ken to help you but you refuse to help your sister at her time of need.”

“How can I help her is it to tell her what she wants to hear? No mother I cannot do that.”

Mam Mbissine
“You blame her strength so please leave us alone we’ll carry our cross.” Mam left him there and went to the room.

Searching for the Corpse
Burang took Lolly to a fake area and refuse to join the search but Lolly search every nuke and corner of the area but cannot see anything familiar she hesitated to leave but Burang pressurized her he became impatient;
“Lolly let’ leave there is no need to waste time nothing is here.”

“Let me search more.” But he went and literally dragged her into the car locked the door and drove her away. But the search confirmed to her all the more that it was a fake area and that her husband is not dead but alive.

Uncle Taamsir (Taam)
He is not happy with Maama Njemeh and how she treats his eldest son Ken and his wife Uncle Taam concurred with Lolly that there should be no funeral without a body he tried to persuade his brother to agree with Lolly hence Ken married her according to Muslim rites and rituals.
“Take your stand as a man and head of the household.”

Paapa Taanor
“It is Maama Njemeh who is the cause of all the trouble she poisons her children’ mind against their eldest brother and his wife I am shouting at the top of my voice but to no avail you know me now I hate violence that’ why when my first wife Njombat died I did not want to marry again to safeguard Ken but you are the one who married Njemeh Njombat’ sister to look after the ‘Baayo’ but look at what she has done? She turned into a monster.”

Uncle Taam
    “I am no longer supporting her divorce her.”

Maama Njemeh
She was eavesdropping and heard everything said by Paapa Taanor and his brother Uncle Taam she went into tantrums;
She yelled at him;
“So you are the one confusing my weak husband to divorce me and maltreat my children especially Burang? Get up and leave before you are disgraced.” She called the security and asked him to drive him out.

Uncle Taam
He has dignity;
“I am leaving and would never come back here don’t touch me!”

Paapa Taanor
“Leave my brother alone don’t touch him if you chase people away who would come here to give us good advice? Was he not the one who went to your parents to ask for your hand in marriage? Have you forgotten so soon?”

Maama Njemeh
She talked back to her husband;
“He was considered in the past as a good man when he was reasonable and considerate now he takes sides and bribes from late Ken and his wife Lolly I don’t want him in my home again he is unwelcomed in our home.’
To be Cont.

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