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Saayii Tolof Part 444 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baanyel’ Hatred, Mother-in-Law ‘Gorro’ Step Child ‘Dommi Jitle’)


  The phone rang but she did not answer but M.B urged her to answer to it reluctantly she took her phone but it did not go through.

Mam Butorr
    “Go home girlfriend go and hear from your people and find out what the problem is. Leave your mother-in-Law with the shop she cannot do anything even if she possesses it in the end it would come back to you.”

Family Meeting
Lolly came panting and very apprehensive she queried the silence;
“Is everything alright why are you dead silent? Why the urgency calling me what’ going on?”

He broke the ice;
“There is an accident Ken……”

“Ken what? What happen to my husband?”

“Ken died.”

“It’ a lie do you hate your brother this much to wish him dead?”

“How would I wish my blood brother dead? The bus manifesto came out Ken’ seat number was No. 7 manifest No. 4 all passengers died at the spot.” He shed crocodile tears as well as Maama Njemeh and Maget.

“They are lying dad my husband cannot die leaving me here in this wicked world.” She left the family at the sitting room and went to her bedroom locking it behind her. She paced up and down talking to herself aloud she wept bitterly;
“How can I cope with your wicked family? By marrying me increase their hatred for us with the exception of daddy but he is weak he cannot manage his family. Please come back to me I cannot live without you.” She soliloqued.

An Envoy
   He came asking after Burang;
“Where is Burang? I want a document from him.”

Pa Taanor
“What document is that? Even if I get it I’ll not give it to you without his permission. Do you have his number?” He nodded his head.
“Ring him and he can talk to me to ascertain your truthfulness I think you know my view point?” He nodded his head. He cannot get Burang and promised to call him later he waved Papa good bye. After the man left Burang came and Papa explained the incident and he brushed it off he asked Lolly for Ken’ posh car.

“Lolly can I have Ken’ posh car?”

Adamantly she refused;
“How can I give you Ken’ car when I don’t know anything about his whereabouts until everything is sorted out I cannot give out his properties.”

   He went into tantrums;
“Look at who is talking where are your children with Ken? You have nothing here everything Ken has is now mind even you but I don’t want you bad luck woman!”

“Do I want you parasite with a bad tongue? I’ll not give you Ken’ car period and I don’t believe he is dead it’s a conspiracy.” She left for M.B’ shop.

At Mam Butorr’ Shop
  Lolly reported Ken’ death;
“But I don’t believe them there is a conspiracy.”

    “You are distress I can understand but who dares to make such an outrageous news? Take heart and tread carefully beware of Burang and his family.”

“Ken was not very careful I advise him not to travel on that fateful day Allah with not grant me a rich husband then make me a poor widow.”

At Ken’ Home
Maama Njemeh discussed Ken with her children;
“Ken has been wicked in life he supports friends and made them rich but not his blood brother and now look at his irresponsible widow denying my son Ken’ car his blood brother’ car what a cheek?”

Papa Taanor
He joined the conversation and rebuked them:
“You ingrates! How can you backbite a dead man? What has the late Ken not do for you? He gave Burang seed money for his business but what has he showed for it? He squandered everything and became a dependent, a parasite.”

He went into tantrums;
“Did you hear him mom? He always side with Ken even in death he hates me but I’ll make it and now you’ll turn to me in shame.”

Papa Taanor
“You are shameless make your own wealth and stop fighting Lolly for Ken’ properties in Islam she has her ‘Sumoon’ even though she has no child for Ken.”

She came back home and Burang confronted her again;
“Give me the car keys.” He commanded.

“I’ll not give it to you.” He fought her and hurt her eye Lolly hit back Paapa came between them and Lolly ran to her bedroom and locked the door after her Burang followed and bang the door;

“Open the door or I’ll break it open and beat you.” He yelled as Lolly talked back to him in harsh words.

In the Morning
As Lolly was going to her shop Maama Njemeh plus Burang again demanded to have the keys and she refused Maget joined in;
“What’ wrong with you give in the keys.” But she still refused. Paapa Taanor joined in and opposed them;

Maama Njemeh
“My husband you are the one pampering Lolly and causing confusion and discord in the family stop what you are doing.”
Lolly went back to her room and refused to open the door.

Paapa Taanor
When the commotion died down he went knocked and asked Lolly to open the door she hid the key and opened the door when she knew it was Paapa.
To Be Cont.

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