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Saayii Tolof Part 423 EPISODE 30 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Dusa Nawle’ not your Category, your Class)


Baajen Njome
She counseled her niece and gave her solidarity;
“I am right beside you fight for your marriage rights and you’ll have it. You’ll stay with me until Jaato comes here and stoop before me then we’ll lay our conditions.”

At Majula’ Convalesce Home
Ada her new house help told her Fams paid her bill for the Reconstruction surgery she became mad;
“Did I tell him to pay? I can foot my bill I’ll refund him.” She yelled. “I’ll go and get my child from him I’ll kill Fams.” She swore.

Mba Nyaling
   “Why should Fams pay her bill? Alhajj should pay for it my son is a fool.” She remarked.

He is a peacemaker she reminded her of all the good things Fams has done for her and the family;
“Don’t follow your mom she is a trouble maker.” He counseled.

“Are you not being ungrateful? He paid for your university education that made you available to your boyfriend benefactor Alhajj always remember that my little sister.”

Mba Jonsi
“Leave my daughter alone let her be is Fams the only man who has ever sponsored his wife’ education?” She sulked; “she will him the cost period!”

Jaato’ Home
He invited his friend Fams and asked him to accompany him to his in law Baajen Njome;
“Njils is living with her Baajen Njome accompany to go and beg them for my wife to return home.”

At Baajen Njome’ House
She is a ‘Diriyanke’ and a ‘panka’ both Njils and Jaato are afraid of her, her husband is an ambassador she married him a second wife who goes along with her whilst she controls Alhajj’ household.
The duo arrived at her home and before she opened her door she asked Njils to hide herself in one of the rooms. She welcomed them and listened to their mission.

He spoke on behalf of his friend;
“We are here for our wife.” Fams posited.

Baajen Njome
“My Njils is here but give me reason/s why she should go back to Jaato.”

“She should come back because Jaato loves and adorns her.”

Baajen Njome
“Do you batter a woman you love your wife?” Fams shook his head.
“These are my conditions before Njils comes back (1) no more battering;
(2) she has to work to take care of herself you cannot cater for all her needs you have a family to cater for she also has hers; (3) you have to go back to your house and quit the house you are renting which is very small that is all the reason why you should allow her work and earn her own money; what did you say to my conditions?”

“I’ve heard you Baajen can I take my wife now?”

Baajen Njome
  “Let me call your wife for you to speak to her.” She called Njils who came out to answer.

She came out to hear from her husband.

He repeated what he has said before and stooped before Baajen Njome and Njils;
“I’ve agreed to all the conditions laid before me and I’ll never lay my hands on you again never!” He wept.

Baajen Njome
“It is alright my son take your wife home and may Allah bless you all amen!”
Jaato drove Fams and Njils home.

Instead of going home to her husband at the city she went to her father’ house at the village he was very surprised when he saw her.
“Dad I am back I was staying at the Convalescence house of the clinic when I return from GH now I am okay.”

“Why didn’t you return to your matrimonial home to your family? I am not comfortable with you staying here with me.”

Mba Jonsi
She came and was excited she welcomed Jula wholeheartedly;
“Welcome my daughter welcome! You are now more beautiful than ever welcome to your father’ compound.”

“I am divorcing Fams I cannot marry him again and I also need my daughter I have to take her from him.” She protested.

“Over my dead body will I accept you to my home Fams paid your bride price and Mba Toma is his.”

“I’ll refund him (Talaq) I don’t love him even though I left Alhajj.”

Mba Jonsi
   She concurred with her daughter;
“I am rightly behind you is it by force to marry?”

    “Drop your vain pride and embrace your mistakes make peace with your family your husband is a very good man and have done everything for you and us.”

   “I’ll do everything to get back my daughter.” She vowed.

He kept to his promise his wife went back to work but later quit when her uncle who is abroad sent her grant to do her own business it becomes successful and she becomes her own boss and live a happy marriage life.
Fams visited the couple before he goes to the village with his daughter and found them in romance as newly wedded couple;
“Well done! ‘Una well done!’ this is what I’ve expected pray for me too to get my family back.”

“We pray for you Allah will pay you for your good deeds amen.” The couple prayed.

Back to the Village
    Mba Nyaling
     She is very happy to welcome home her toma and son they rushed to embrace her;
“Welcome home and you are so lucky I’ve cooked your favourite ‘Findi Domoda Yaffa’ get settled and I’ll serve you while it is hot.”

Mba Jonsi
She came running as she is sort of breath;
“Jula I just saw Fams and Mba Toma driving into their compound let us go for you to retrieve your daughter from that loser!”
As they were going to Fams Imam came in from the mosque he asked;
“Where are you going to with your mother?”

“I am going for my daughter I want her now!”

He became furious;
“Who is the head of my family? I’ll curse you if you leave this compound and would divorce your mom just dare me!” He yelled.
He called his daughter three times and warned her;
“be careful of your mom she is trouble she is not a good woman very materialistic I am trapped in my marriage with her Fams own your child he has paid full bride price remember that.”

Mba Jonsi
“Let’ go before he goes out don’t listen to your pacifist dad he is ‘Yung Pung Yam Pang’.”

At Fams’ House
As they were going back to the city Jula and Mba Jonsi came in as soon as Mba Toma saw her mom she rushed to her and embraced her;

Mba Toma
“Mom you are so beautiful when did you return overseas? You look so cute.”

“I came to the village yesterday but was convalescensing in the rest house of the clinic but decided to visit my parents before going back to the city to live in my house. Let us go I’ve come for you.”

Mba Toma
“Mom if you love me and I know you do come back to us dad and I do love you come back and together we build our home.”

Mba Jonsi
“If she insists to stay with her dad let her be lets go home that’s where you belong.” She became impatient with Jula.

She remembered what her dad said to her she also reflected on Fams all the good deeds of him to her family and herself then she surprised everyone present she went straight to her husband and stooped before him and said;
“Forgive me I’ve wrong you dad is right mom is wrong she misled me my daughter is right I have to come home and together we rebuild our home, will you give me a second chance?”

He cannot believed his ears then he pulled his wife from the floor and whirled her around;
“yes! I love you Jula I’ll give you a second chance and together as our daughter said we’ll rebuild our home.” The family embraced in a firm grip.
Mbaring Dembo and Mba Nyaling rejoiced and exclaimed in unison;
“What God (Allah) has put together let no person put asunder!”

Mba Jonsi
She was named and shamed as she walked away dejected.
 Finally peace reign in Fams’ and Majula’ household.

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