Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Saayii Tolof Part 399 EPISODE 30 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Dusa Nawle’ not your Category, your Class)


She invited Mam Butorr to a drink and M.B was excited;
“What is she going to tell me?” She asked herself with excitement.

“I felt honoured what use can I be to you I am here.” She smiled.

“I heeded your good advice and took the opportunity which is yielding results I am grateful but this token from me and pray for more successes.” She gave her a cheque she looked at it and jumped.

“What one million dalasi! Are you joking with me?”

She got up and hug her;
“It is real invest and reap the benefits.”

“I am stunned even my supervisor job for years cannot give me this you are so generous what can I say but thank you? May the good lord shower you more blessings.”

“Let’ go to my home and celebrate money, love and success.”

She rang her but she refused to pick up.
Fams got frustrated;
“What is happening she is not picking up?” He tried in vain and has to give up.

She is at the hotel room with Alhajj and having fun but the phone kept ringing persistently and Jula got irritated;
“What’s wrong with this hopeless man? I am not picking his call can’t he not understand?”

“You’ll be used to it my dear welcome to the married bachelor/spinster game!” Then he laughed hilariously.
“Off the phone to be in peace.”

He got more frustrated when she off the phone;
“What is happening? Damn it! Why did she off her phone? What is happening?” He lamented.

One hour later he rang and got her;
“Thank God Honey! What is happening? I’ve been ringing your phone for the past three hours and suddenly it went off what is happening? I was scared.”

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