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Saayii Tolof Part 374 EPISODE 29 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Bennen Jigeen’ the Other Woman)


Asum at Ngens
    Asum narrated Yerro’ experience to the fullest;
“That’ my story my school god mother but you know me now I am a struggler Yerro will never pity me and I’ll excel without him in fact he is my impediment as I go up he pulls me down but no more I’ll go further to the zenith God willing.”

Ngenarr (Nancy)
   “I’ve heard your story and I am jumping in to lift you up my husband Prof Burang Burama (B.B) is on a Scientific Research on common worms affecting children in ECOWAS and the Sahel I met him during this research and as a Nutritionist interested in worms affecting poor children we team up and doing the research together during one of our tours we were involved in an accident I was in front and suffered the impact and was hospitalized for 6 months that’ why I am on crutches I thank God for my life you would have just hear that your best pal is gone; he liked our traditional dishes being born and bred abroad of Gambian parents; you are an expert as you used to cook my delicacies when I celebrate my birthdays I am offering you a job as our cook and would pay you graduate expert salary with all fringe benefits for yourself and your kids it is a full package what do you say about that?”

   She fainted because of over joy Ngens called his chief protocol to administer first aid to her;
“Is it real or am I dreaming? Are you not God sent? Our people say however long you stay at the well a well bag will found you there someday. Thank you very much my dear pal and God’ willing you shall never found me wanting.”

“I know that, that’ why I am trusting you even with my family, my life. Go and make your preparation to relocate here there is your suite within the mansion independent for your privacy. You can start immediately I’ll inform Prof B.B.”

  She went back home and went straight to her mom’ home and inform her about the good news;
“Mom my moon has shine again Ngens found me a graduate job with fringe benefits my children will attend a posh school free of charge up to university level our medical bill will be taken care of also free of charge, free housing plus feeding I’ll also be entitled to vocation to be spent wherever I like.”

Maama Jaa
“Ngens have done it again she is an angel with a golden heart how can I pay back all the good things she did for you since your university days? She virtually paid your university tuition she is an orphan of rich parents but she is so generous and helpful beyond imagination. When are you going to start the job?”

   “With immediacy we are relocating to her mansion and she has already started the process of relocating the kids’ school.”

Maama Jaa
“Are you informing Yerro’ parents?”

   “No Maama I’ll not I want to keep Yerro in the dark I don’t want him to know anything about my progress now. Even though they are good human beings but Yerro is their first child and if they know he will also know. Thank God Samba has travel if not it would have been more difficult to keep the secret.”

Maama Jaa
“Okay I’ll zip my mouth until when they come here to ask.”

  He is now cohabiting with Astou and has converted to Islam and married her as a third wife.

At the Village
  Yerro visited the village and refused to tell his parents about his marital status they did not know that he converted to Islam and married a third wife until his brother Samba heard it and told them.

Baaba Galleh
“Yerro! Have you dug a deeper grave? Where is Pat your second wife?”

“Why are you asking me about Pat or are you mocking at me? You cursed my marriage and it failed Pat is at her aunty who never wanted our marriage in the first instance; sooner than later she got pregnated when the twins were not one year yet I queried and she got offended and insulted me we engaged in a brawl and she fell and aborted the pregnancy she was admitted and before I reach the clinic she was already discharged and went to her aunt with the twins I went for her with my barrister friend and her aunty threw us out she did not even return my greetings I swear I’ll never go to her aunty’ house again but I sent their allowance for their upkeep.
Astou my house help filled the gap and when I got her pregnant I waited until she delivered converted to Islam and I have married her as my third wife my two wives deserted me what was I to do? Astou is a good cook and is a clean and sophisticated lady and I have already enrolled her into a skill center to learn a trade.”

Maama Ndungu
   “I’ve lost my son you are going down and nobody can lift you up but it is good for Pat she cannot enjoy where she did not sow Asum spent 15 years with you but what about Pat your relation is less than 5 years? What a shame.” 
To be Cont.

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