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Saayii Tolof Part 373 EPISODE 29 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Bennen Jigeen’ the other Woman)


Ngenarr Senior
She left disappointed that she could not meet her God daughter as she was contemplating her phone rang and who was the caller?

    She rang and spoke to Ngens;
“Ngens I am delighted to hear from you and I was thrilled when I came to get your message from Maama she is very excited you know she loves money she keeps talking about the brown envelope all the time.”

   “My God daughter I miss you a lot I was happy and excited when I met mom; can I see you? Please come to this address by the weekend we have a lot of gossip to catch.”

   “It’s a date I’ll be there.”

   She took a month’ leave to convalescent from her abort trauma and her aunt Ma gave her all the support and got a nanny to take care of the twins who are now 2years old.
“I don’t know what I would have done without your support aunt?”

Aunty Ma
“When you lost both parents at the age of 2years I adopted you and assume their responsibility I did not have a child of my own and God gave me to you and as long as I live I’ll always take care of you and your children.”

At the Office
Every worker paid her a visit except Angie who was not on speaking terms with her and Kongosa asked her when she came from Pat;

    “Why did you not visit Pat? Are you still not on speaking terms with her?”

“Please Kongo I don’t want any gossip let us talk some positive stuff; what are your new year resolutions?”

   She was taken aback;
“I am very sorry I’ve not make any yet.”

“Please do, as for me I’ve made three resolutions I’ll be focus, positive and add value to my relationships so as from now always discuss positive things with me.”

   “You are right I am very ashamed and I’ll never talk negative things to you again.” Then she left.

  He befriended and impregnated his house help;

    She came worried;
“What is it? You are worried, can I help you?”

“Yes, I miss my period.”

“How? Why? Where did you lose it?”

   “I am very sorry boss I miss my period for two months what should I do?”

   “Are you not a big girl? Why should you lose your period? Where you not using protection?”

   “But you refuse the sheath and say you like the direct contact and that’ what I did to please you why do you blame me now?”

   “No problem;” he gave her an envelope;
“Use it for abortion I cannot have an issue with my house help for God sake, it is shameful I have two wives with issues for me how will society see me?”

She became bold since she was having an affair with her boss and he was showering her with gifts and she acting as a madam since Pat left.
She threw the envelope back to him;
“Nonsense! I’ll never commit an abortion I don’t want to die or be barren forever, keep your money and I keep my child, you are right you have issues with your two wives but what about me? This is my first child and I don’t know whether I can have any again.” Astou stood her ground.

   He became weak because he still lust for Astou and do not want to lose her now that his two wives were estranged from him.
“Keep it! Am I not going to be a father? Who knows what this child can be if well taken care of? Keep the money for ante natal I’ll be with you and if both wives refuse to come I’ll marry you as a third wife I don’t mind converting to Islam which permits multiple marriage.”
He made a sarcastic smile;
“Let me see how both of my wives will react to Astou’ pregnancy and my intention to marry her when she delivers?”

She was excited to see Asum again she also came with excitement to see her friend and mentor again.
Asum arrived and was warmly welcomed by Ngens who ushered her into her sitting room and they opened their gossip box from High School, to University and leaving school and entering the world.

    “Since we left the university there was no job to be found then with my high school sweet heart Yerro, then as a Human Developer Specialist and being an excellent Domestic Science student we decided to get into restaurant business and we become very successful until I have to open a kiosk for my mom I think she told you the story.”

“She also told me how Yerro has treated you but you are a great woman I always admire you at school that’ why I adopted and assisted you.”

   “Yerro is past tense I’ve taken him out of my system no stress I want to see my kids happiness and progress in life he was a nuisance in our life full of trouble, lies, slander and mistrust. After cleaning him from the gutter he fell into the trap of a schemer who found him a job with the pretext of snatching him from us and being a weakling he fell into her trap impregnated her and before she gave birth he married her I am waiting for their end because they cheated and troubled me and the law of Khmer will surely judge them.”
To be Cont.

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