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Saayii Tolof Part 368 EPISODE 29 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Bennen Jigeen’ the Other Woman)


  She dissected her life before she met Yerro, after he met him and the struggles they went through to set up their present business, the difficulties associated with motherhood and putting their children first until the new reality dawned on her that Yerro has stabbed her at the back.
“I am leaving for my mother’ residence to intimate her on what has happened before going to the village to speak to Yerro’ parents but I have to be strong for my children as they are the only one I have now.”

He visited Pat and protested;
“Why were you impatient with me knowing that Asum was here my wife who deserve my full attention in order not to suspect our affair? You are always here with me and now for almost a year because of the weekend contract I did not go home to see my family; this shows how selfish you are.”

She got infuriated and went into tantrums;
“What do you take me for, a prostitute who you have put in the family way, no way? You promised to take me to ante-natal and I did not see you what do you want me to do in that case? I rang your phone consistently and you refused to answer until later you took up and I threatened to expose my pregnancy to your wife if you fail to take me to clinic.”

“Me take your phone? When? How? Where? I never took your phone for once when I took your phone as you alleged what did I say?”

“You said nothing you just hung up as I bragged.”

   “Oh that was the problem you spoke to Asum and exposed our secret, you have messed up Asum would never forgive me my marriage is in jeopardy.” He yelled.

She was very happy inside and said to herself;
“That’ it she has to be pushed out for me to take my booty.”

   “I have to go and mend my broken marriage it is not fair we have endured a lot of difficulties together even if I have to change my marital status it has to go through with caution.”

She soliloquy;
“I have worked very hard to see my scheme go though and I cannot let go now that I am pregnant with our twins I have to develop a plan.”
She went to the doctor and made a deal with him;
“Doctor you have to help me and I’ll reward you handsomely, tell my fiancé that I need him to be around me at all times for emotional support that at 40 I am at risk patient only that would suffice.’

“That’ not a problem I’ll help you bring your fiancé tomorrow when you come for ante-natal.”

At the Clinic
Doctor Ndene saw them and conveyed the message;
“Madam here at 40 is at risk pregnant with your twins and she needs emotional and psychological support in order for a successful birth she needs you all the time around her.”

   “Its okay she told me yesterday I would definitely give her the support she needs to give a successful birth to our twins thank you doc for your concern and assistance.”

She was very happy as she fulfilled her promise to doc; she gave him the brown envelop and said;
“it is very nice doing business with you.”

He kept his promise and was very supportive to Pat she pressurized that they normalized their marriage status before she gives birth to their children according to her ethnic requirement in order for the children not to be referred to as illegitimate Yerro argued that he has to discuss with Asum before he takes such a major decision;
“I have to discuss with my wife before taking any action.”

She laughed hilariously;
“Are you kidding me? Do you think Asum would agree as a woman who is to have a formidable rival as me? Forget about it let us do it because I am due very soon then you can inform her when she will not have any choice but to accept.”

He thought hard and then reasoned;
“you are right what is important is to inform her the soonest and it is a tactic that she would not be able to do anything about it and my children would not be discriminated in the future.”

The Customary Marriage
    Yerro and Pat went to her village he paid the bride price and the knot was tied before the birth of the twins and they went and register it as customary marriage which is recognized by the Constitution and Pat was the second wife of Yerro unbeknown to Asum.

At her Mother’ Village
   She visited her mom at the village and broke down;

  “Mama, Yerro has killed me! Yerro has killed me! ‘Monkey works and Baboon eats’; Mama I am finished!”

Mama   Jaabel
   “What has Yerro done Sombe? What has he done?”

 “Can you remember the Pat who helped him with the job at H/Quarters?” Mama nodded her head;
“Mama Pat is pregnant for my husband and she is expecting twins for him after I scratched my hands to find jewel from the hard ground, what we have gone through Mama I have lost everything to Pat.” She rolled on the ground and cried bitterly.

Mama Jaabel
“It is very terrible but I am not surprised because I never believe that Pat of a girl what she did for Yerro was too good to be true but God dey have faith in the Lord he will fight your battle the Law of Khmer will vindicate you wipe your tears my daughter.”
To be Cont.

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